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By unverified author. Claim this AI finds workspaces for digital nomads.
Generated by ChatGPT is an online platform that helps digital nomads find accommodation with dedicated workspaces. With a database of over 200,000 hotels, apartments, and villas, users can easily search for a suitable location to work remotely.

The platform offers a viable alternative to traditional coworking spaces, allowing users to rent a "trip office" in over 40,000 workation destinations worldwide.Each workspace provided by is equipped with essential amenities for remote work, including ergonomic chairs, professional desks, and high-speed internet access.

This ensures that digital nomads can maintain productivity and comfort while conducting their work tasks.The platform covers various countries, with a presence in over 100 nations, making it a versatile tool for those who prioritize remote work.

Users can explore workation destinations and choose from a range of options, such as popular cities like London, Sydney, Paris, and Tokyo, among many also offers a search feature that allows users to find workation destinations based on their recent searches or specific preferences.

Additionally, users can access the platform's social media accounts, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to stay updated on the latest developments.Overall, provides a comprehensive directory of accommodations with workspaces, catering to the needs of digital nomads seeking a convenient and productive remote working environment.

Tripoffice was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 23rd 2023.
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    Pros and Cons


    200,000+ accommodation options
    40,000+ workation destinations
    Globally available (100+ countries)
    Ergonomic workspace essentials
    High-speed internet included
    Search feature for preferences
    Active social media presence
    Popular cities covered
    Alternative to coworking spaces
    Directory of workspace accommodations
    Lets you explore destinations
    Updated recent searches feature


    No mobile app
    No multi-language support
    Not for short term rentals
    No customer reviews
    Lacks advanced search filters
    No in-app booking
    No price comparison feature
    Lacks subscription plans
    Non-interactive UI
    No verified listings feature


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    Is suitable for long-term remote work?
    What are some popular workation destinations available on
    How many hotels and apartments are listed on
    What are the conditions for renting a 'trip office'?
    How is different from a traditional coworking space?
    How can I manage my booking on
    Does provide any customer support?
    How can I find a workspace in my preferred city on
    Are there any customer reviews or ratings for the services provided by
    Can I customize my search based on my preferences on
    What details will I get when I select an accommodation on
    Can I connect to using my social media accounts?
    Are the accommodations listed on all equipped with high-speed internet?

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