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Try it on AI is a machine learning powered tool to help users create stunning professional headshots and portraits in half the time and cost of photography studios.

The platform works by creating an AI model of the user through submitting selfies and photos. With this model, the user can then get 35 high quality headshots in various styles delivered within 48 hours.

The user can pick their favorite headshot and have it stored for up to 30 days. This tool is perfect for those needing professional headshots for LinkedIn, acting headshots, or dating profile pics.

Additionally, Try it on AI can also generate influencer content, team portraits and lifestyle portraits.


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Sep 15, 2023
Insanely good, and can't beat the price really! It's funny how one lives a life with the same headshot, changing only every two years! Now I have hundreds, one of every occasion 😁 Their editors were also on-point 👌

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Pros and Cons


Professional avatars creation
35 headshots per submission
Various styles of headshots
48-hour delivery
Saved properties for 30 days
Perfect for LinkedIn, acting, dating
Generates influencer content
Creates team portraits
Produces lifestyle portraits
Cost and time effective
Easy, secure payment options
Guidelines provided for submission
High resolution output (640x640px)
Client-friendly layout
Availability of examples


Only produces headshots
48-hour delivery time
Payment only through Stripe
Requires multiple selfies submission
Storage limited to 30 days
Single image resolution (640x640px)
No physical product available
Lack of immediate results
Does not provide API
Limited styles variety


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Can Try it on AI create team portraits?
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How quickly does Try it on AI deliver the headshots?
Can I use Try it on AI for my LinkedIn profile image?
Does Try it on AI offer any discounts for team photos?
Where will my photos be stored and for how long?
What is the resolution of the headshots provided by Try it on AI?
Can Try it on AI be used for acting headshots or dating profile images?
How can I make a payment to Try it on AI?
What happens if I'm not satisfied with my headshots from Try it on AI?
Can Try it on AI generate influencer content?
How safe is my data with Try it on AI?
What makes Try it on AI different from regular photography studios?

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