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Tune Chat - AI Chat app powered by open-source LLMS
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What is Tune Chat?

Tune Chat is an AI chat application that allows users to generate text, write code, and brainstorm, having facilitated over 662,000 messages and 241,000 conversations. It provides an intuitive and easy-to-access interface while utilizing powerful open-source language models in the background. We have over 145,000 users using the platform.

Tune Chat hosts powerful language models such as LLama 2 70B, OpenHermes 2, and Nous Hermes 13B. We provide APIs for these open-source models, enabling you to build your own use cases.

Tune Chat possible use cases:

Tune Chat can assist your teams in various Gen AI use cases, including marketing, sales, engineering, finance, and more. We offer a powerful prompt library for text generation use cases such as article generation, Facebook ad copies, SEO content briefs, etc. Additionally, our platform provides a brand voice feature, allowing you to incorporate your brand's tone consistently across all generated content.

How do we position ourselves against the competitors?

- Access a variety of the newest and larger open-source models tailored to your needs.

- Enjoy unlimited chats and conversations, along with unrestricted web and PDF searches.

- Access the open-source models through APIs.

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Jan 5, 2024
très bon sur les images. Le texte est bon aussi mais pour le français, pas encore parfait
Nov 13, 2023
Pros: Super fast More options Chat
Jul 21, 2023
Best chat app out there
Jul 21, 2023
Super fast and amazing
Jul 21, 2023
Better than chatGPT
Jul 21, 2023
Absolutely loving the speed

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Pros and Cons


Designed for research purposes
Generates imaginative conversations
Transparency through data sharing
Adjustable privacy settings
Stimulates user creativity
Diverse topic prompts
Built on NimbleBox platform
Powered by open-source library
ChainFury integration
Potential for entertainment
Continuous model improvement
Free research preview
Experimental tool
Flexibility in conversation topics
Enables language model exploration
Shares data with authors
Multiple user contexts
Prompt suggestion feature


Generates potentially inaccurate responses
Misinformation producing
Shares conversations with authors
Experimental tool, not reliable
May provide inaccurate facts
Based on NimbleBox v3.5.0
Powered by ChainFury
Research and demonstration only
May violate user privacy


What is Tune Chat?
What is the main purpose of Tune Chat?
How does the AI in Tune Chat work?
What does it mean when Tune Chat produces 'hallucinations'?
Is there a chance that Tune Chat could produce misinformation?
Who has access to the conversations I have with Tune Chat?
Can I prevent my conversations from being shared with the model authors?
What are the examples and prompts provided by Tune Chat?
What creative tasks or activities can be done through Tune Chat?
Are there any limitations or risks to using Tune Chat?
What is NimbleBox and how is it related to Tune Chat?
What is the version of the platform on which Tune Chat is built?
What is ChainFury and how does it contribute to Tune Chat?
Is Tune Chat a free app to use or are there any hidden charges?
Can I run a web search within Tune Chat?
Are there any real-world examples of how the AI can be used?
Can I chat as a guest on Tune Chat?
What types of activities and tasks can I perform with Tune Chat?
Is Tune Chat safe for kids or is there explicit content?
What can you tell me more about the term 'Experimental Free Research Preview' as it relates to Tune Chat?

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