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TuneTheAds is an AI-powered tool designed to help advertisers, agencies and freelancers get the most out of their Google Ads campaigns. It works by analyzing a website’s content and generating optimized search ads copies and keywords based on it, which can then be published to the Google Ads campaign.

This process is much faster than manual A/B testing and tuning procedures, and can save time and money on copywriting, targeting and ads management. The AI engine powering TuneTheAds has been trained on terabytes of data and numerous ads for years, allowing it to quickly and accurately generate the best performing “keyword – headline – description” combinations to boost conversion rates.

All the user needs to do is enter a URL and click “Generate”. The results can be reviewed and edited before they are submitted. TuneTheAds is currently in a closed beta, and is looking for companies or agencies interested in ad optimization.

It offers three plans - Basic, Standard and Cooperative - each of which offers varying levels of AI models, ad generation speed, and variability range.

No matter what plan is chosen, TuneTheAds promises to shorten the road to better performance from weeks to minutes.


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Tune the ads was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Optimized search ads generation
Analyzes website content
Saves time on copywriting
Effective targeting and management
Trained on large datasets
Fast ad generation
Automated 'keyword-headline-description' combos
Shortens ad performance time
Variety of subscription plans
Enterprise-level customization
Easy setup with URL
Editable results before submission
Multiple channels of support
Free trial available
No credit cards for trials
Invoices for payment option
Bookings for calls/demos
Specific assistance for advertisers, agencies, freelancers


Only optimizes Google Ads
Generates ads based on websites only
Requires user content evaluation
Can't create entire ad campaigns
Only analyzes website content
Can't handle textual ads
Closed beta period
Expensive plans
Limited support options
No app version


What is TuneTheAds?
How does TuneTheAds work?
What is the process behind TuneTheAds ad generation?
Who can benefit from using TuneTheAds?
Does TuneTheAds create and optimize Google Ads only?
How does the AI engine of TuneTheAds optimize ad copies and keywords?
What type of data has the TuneTheAds AI been trained on?
How fast is TuneTheAds compared to manual A/B testing?
How does TuneTheAds improve conversion rates?
Can I edit the output from TuneTheAds before publishing?
What plans does TuneTheAds provide?
What are the differences between the Basic, Standard and Cooperative plans?
What additional features do you get in the Cooperative plan of TuneTheAds?
Do I need to provide my credit card for the free trial of TuneTheAds?
How much time can I save using TuneTheAds?
Is TuneTheAds currently accepting new users or companies?
How can I contact the TuneTheAds team for further queries?
How does the AI of TuneTheAds handle analytics?
What is meant by 'A road to better performance shortened from weeks to minutes' in the context of TuneTheAds?
Does TuneTheAds offer a demo or call to discuss what they offer?

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