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Health data analysis and insights companion.
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tunum™ is a privacy-focused health and wellness companion that allows users to seamlessly aggregate data from their wearables. The tunum™ iOS app enables users to track, analyze, and optimize their health by providing daily health summaries and uncovering trends and relationships within their personal health data.

The app also features an AI-enabled chat function, similar to ChatGPT, that provides insights and information related to health and wellness.Currently, tunum™ supports integration with popular wearable devices such as Apple Watch, Oura ring, and Garmin.

The app's Analysis tab allows users to explore relationships between different health metrics, revealing top positive and negative correlations. The Trends view in the app helps users visualize the health metrics that have changed the most week over week.Additionally, tunum™ offers a user-friendly journal feature where users can effortlessly track their wellness journey, including mood, stress, and recovery.

The app also allows users to export their health data as a CSV file, which can be shared with healthcare providers for more informed and personalized care.Overall, tunum™ aims to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of their health data through intuitive data exploration and AI-powered insights.

By securely aggregating wearable data and offering personalized daily insights, the app helps users make more informed decisions regarding their health and well-being.


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