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Analyze data and make better decisions with AI.
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Turbular is an AI analytics platform primarily designed to assist data scientists, analysts and business users in making informed decisions backed by data.

It offers multiple resources, including visual dashboards, report generation, and predictive analytics, to provide deeper insights into business data.

A major feature of Turbular is its AI-powered data analysis capability. Users can interact with the platform using natural language, enabling them to ask direct queries to the system to gather data insights.

This eases the process of extracting meaningful data and reduces the time typically spent on data extraction. The platform also offers quick integration capabilities with various data sources such as databases, Excel files, and cloud platforms like BigQuery.

With its easy-to-use Drag-and-Drop interface, Turbular allows users to create visually compelling data representations. It also includes a SaaS platform that enables instant access to data for users.

Lastly, Turbular offers a wide range of tutorials and guides to assist users in connecting to different databases and employing the AI Data Analyst effectively.


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Apr 18, 2024
Me as a marketing specialist and someone who experienced the Beta Version of the product wants to emphasise not only the user experience of the product but also the variety of possibilities to implement turbular into your work life. To “chat with your data” feels like a dream-come-true for everyone who loves optimated and efficient work flows with senseful visualisation of ur data as well as a coherent overview in form of reportings. You did great work guys looking forward to follow your journey!

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Pros and Cons


Visual dashboards
Report generation capabilities
Predictive analytics feature
Natural-language interactions
Quick data extraction
Multiple data source integration
Excel-file compatible
Cloud-platform integration (BigQuery)
Drag-and-Drop interface
SaaS platform included
Instant data access
Range of tutorials
Easy database connectivity
User-friendly platform
In-depth data analysis
Stunning data visualization abilities
Direct query capability
Eases data extraction
Informed decision-making
Time saving tool
Extensive user guides
Chat interaction available
E-commerce analysis
CRM integration
Ticketing system integration
Enhanced customer experience
Use-case-specific tutorials
No SQL knowledge required
Simple interface for database connection
Real-time data insights
Supports small to large datasets
Automatic report generation
Export/Import growth tracking
Measure Customer Lifetime Value
Quick insights feature
BigQuery integration guide
Visual aids for data comprehension
On-platform data source registration
Security for data handling
Ready-to-use data insights
Dynamic data updates
Clear data analysis instructions
Customizable data representations
Streamlines data analysis process
Complement to data scientists
User-oriented analytics system
Compatible with major databases
Allows visual answer representations


Lacks real-time analytics
No offline mode
Over-reliance on natural language querying
Limited third-party integration options
Missing end-to-end encryption
No available mobile application
No multi-language support
Lacks customization features
Accessibility issues with drag-and-drop interface
Over-dependency on tutorials and guides


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How can Turbular help with predictive analytics?
What is Turbular's SaaS platform?
Can Turbular assist in making better-informed decisions?
Does Turbular provide resources for learning?
What are some of the new features that Turbular is planning to launch soon?

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