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Assisting with email communication to improve outcomes.
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Twain is an AI-powered communication assistant for outreach. It helps users write more effective emails and get more responses from the recipients. Twain works by analyzing an outreach message the user inserts into the editor and providing recommendations based on best practices.

It can detect small talk, filler words, conditional statements, and exclamation points, and suggest improvements to make the message more effective. Twain also offers suggestions on how to write a great opener and how to ask a clear question at the end of the email.

It is a free tool designed to help salespeople, recruiters, founders, and anyone else who writes outreach emails. By using Twain, users can improve their communication skills and get better results from their outreach efforts.


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Twain was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Analyzes outreach messages
Provides actionable recommendations
Detects small talk
Detects filler words
Analyses use of exclamation points
Suggests opener improvements
Guides clear question formulation
Free tool for anyone
Useful for salespeople and recruiters
Improves communication skills
Increases response rate
Supports sales pitch refinement
Accessible in-browser editor
Detects and corrects conditional statements
Designed for multiple user types
Increases effectiveness of emails
Reveals missing email elements
Quick feedback on draft messages
Helps reactivate cold prospects
Improves follow-up communication
Offers writing coaching alternative
Highlights missteps in drafts


Limited to email communication
No multi-language support
Chrome extension dependent
Limited outreach formats
No API for integration
Lacks customizability
Limited user categories
No mobile version
No offline functionality
No performance metrics


What is Twain and how does it help with email communication?
How does Twain analyze and improve my outreach messages?
What aspects of an email can Twain detect and suggest improvements for?
Can Twain help me write a great opener for my email?
How does Twain assist in asking a clear question at the end of an email?
What kind of users can benefit from using Twain?
Is Twain a free tool?
In what ways can Twain improve my communication skills?
What kind of results can I expect from my outreach efforts after using Twain?
Can I add Twain to my Chrome browser?
How does Twain score my emails?
What does an 'insert any outreach message' option do?
Why does Twain recommend avoiding small talk and filler words in emails?
What is the benefit of using Twain as opposed to human coaching?
Is Twain easy to understand and use?
Which fields can Twain be used in - sales or recruiting or personal use?
How do I contact Twain if I have further questions?
What kind of use-cases does Twain cater to?
Can I learn more about the company behind Twain?
How can I start with Twain and write emails that get answers?

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