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Create, schedule and manage Twitter content and CRM.
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Tweet Cycle is an AI-powered platform that enables users to generate, schedule, and manage their Twitter content. It offers a tweet generator feature that customizes content based on user's unique voice, generating engaging and informative tweets and threads.

Additionally, the platform allows users to schedule and post tweets in advance, facilitating maximum engagement and increasing reach. Tweet Cycle also provides features such as CRM and contact/lead management, which enable users to build meaningful relationships with their audience.

With its advanced AI technology, the platform analyzes user data to provide personalized growth recommendations, including the best Twitter accounts to follow and optimal posting times.Tweet Cycle's simple pricing structure is currently set at $10/month to access premium features, which includes a free 7-day trial with no credit card required.

The platform is suited for individuals and businesses looking to effectively manage their social media presence and engage with their audience in a strategic and efficient way.


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Pros and Cons


Generates tailored content
Schedules tweets in advance
CRM and contact management
Optimal post times recommendations
Personalized growth recommendations
Single platform for management
Manage multiple accounts
Automatic tweet generation
Tweet & thread creation
Lead management features
Efficient audience engagement
Contact management support
Simple pricing structure
Free 7-day trial
No credit card needed
Customer service support
Unlimited scheduled tweets
Unlimited contacts & leads
Tailors tweet to audience
Platform suited for businesses
Platform suited for individuals
Informative tweet generation
One-stop social media management


Limited to Twitter only
Single social account only
Manage function not live
No platform-specific versions
No mobile app
No free tier offered
No multi-user support
Doesn't offer performance analytics
No integration with other services
No campaign management feature


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How does Tweet Cycle's CRM feature help in building relationships with the audience?
How much does Tweet Cycle cost per month?
Is there a free trial for Tweet Cycle and what does it include?
Is it possible to manage multiple Twitter accounts with Tweet Cycle?
How does Tweet Cycle help in generating informative and engaging tweets and threads?
Does Tweet Cycle provide growth recommendations?
What are the optimal posting times as suggested by Tweet Cycle?
What kind of data does Tweet Cycle analyse to become more efficient?
How can individuals and businesses effectively manage their social media presence with Tweet Cycle?
Does Tweet Cycle have contact and lead management capabilities?
What are 'AI generated tweets' in Tweet Cycle?
Does Tweet Cycle offer customer service support?
Is Tweet Cycle suited for individuals, businesses or both?
Is a credit card required for the 7-day free trial of Tweet Cycle?
What are the 'AI powered tweets' in Tweet Cycle?
How can I start my free trial with Tweet Cycle?


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