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AI Text-Message Receptionist for SMBs
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Twine is an AI assistant tool designed to help businesses manage missed calls and follow up with potential clients. When a call is missed, Twine automatically messages the customer, determines their service requirements, and books them on the business owner's calendar.

Twine seamlessly integrates with your existing phone system, ensuring that missed calls are properly handled. Its advanced AI capabilities enable it to perform various actions on your behalf, such as booking appointments, sending payment links, and requesting customer reviews, all through SMS.

This AI tool takes the stress out of managing client bookings by turning missed calls into valuable opportunities. It provides 24/7 service, ensuring that business inquiries are addressed promptly, regardless of time or location. Twine also prompts customers to provide reviews after service completion, helping to enhance your business's online reputation.In terms of pricing, Twine offers a simple flat fee per month without any commissions.

It can be fully integrated with your calendar and existing booking software, streamlining your administrative tasks effortlessly.

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Twine was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 15th 2023.

Pros and Cons


Manages missed calls
Automatic follow-up messages
Determines customer's service needs
Bookings on business owner's calendar
Integrates with existing phone system
Appointments booking capability
Sends payment links
Requests customer reviews
SMS communication
24/7 service availability
Invites for post-service reviews
Enhances online business reputation
Simple flat monthly fee
No commissions charged
Calendar integration facility
Integrates with booking software
Turns missed calls into opportunities
Efficient lead to revenue conversion
User-friendly interface


No mobile app available
Limited to SMS communication
No multilingual support
Lacks call recording feature
No CRM integration
Offers only flat fee pricing
No third-party app integrations
No live agent transfers
No email follow-up feature


What is Twine?
How does Twine help businesses manage missed calls?
Can Twine book client appointments automatically?
How does Twine interact with customers?
What kind of actions can Twine perform on my behalf?
Does Twine work all day?
Can Twine help collect customer reviews?
How does Twine integrate with my existing phone system?
What are the pricing details for Twine?
Which kind of booking systems can Twine integrate with?
Can Twine handle payments and invoicing?
Does Twine charge any commissions?
What is the AI capability of Twine?
How does Twine send payment links?
How can Twine enhance my business's online reputation?
Can Twine follow up with potential clients?
Can Twine handle customer inquiries regardless of time or location?
Can Twine turn missed calls into booking opportunities?
What are the stress-free job management features of Twine?
Can Twine help increase my business revenue?

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