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TwoShot is an AI tool that revolutionizes music sampling. It offers an extensive collection of over 200,000 samples from indie creators to music labels.

With TwoShot, users can explore and access a diverse library of samples, including old-school chops, 808 one-shots, hyper-pop melodies, and more.One of the standout features of TwoShot is its AI Sample Generation capability.

Users can simply provide an instruction like "fast drum & bass jungle-style drum loop" or "layered flutes inspired by nature," and the AI takes care of creating the desired samples.

This feature enables users to translate their creative ideas into tangible sounds effortlessly.The creative possibilities with TwoShot are infinite. Users can combine the vast range of samples with the AI Sample Generation feature to unlock new possibilities in music production.

Whether users are looking for specific instruments like trumpets or want to explore different genres and styles, the catalog offers a wide array of options.TwoShot provides a streamlined and user-friendly experience, making it easy for musicians, producers, and creators to find inspiration and quickly implement it in their work.

The tool also offers a plugin for seamless integration into existing workflows.Overall, TwoShot empowers musicians by reimagining music sampling through its extensive sample collection and AI capabilities.

It provides a valuable resource for artists to enhance their creativity and produce high-quality music.


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Pros and Cons


200,000+ music samples
Indie to label content
Wide genre and style range
Plugin for existing workflows
Natural language search
Extract elements from samples
Generate new samples from existing
Royalty-free licensed samples
Easy clearance for non-free samples
In-app composition feature
Diverse library of instruments
Community of professional users
Automated licensing system
Constantly updated catalogue


No offline usage
No multi-language support
Lacks robust API
Limited music genre options
No free version
Difficult to navigate
Missing advanced editing features
Weak search functionality
No mobile support
Minor compatibility issues with certain DAWs


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Are there samples from different music genres available in TwoShot?
How extensive is TwoShot's sample library?
Are the creative possibilities with TwoShot truly infinite?
Is TwoShot user-friendly for beginners in music production?
Where does TwoShot get its samples from?
How can TwoShot translate my creative ideas into tangible sounds?
Can I combine different samples in TwoShot?
Does TwoShot offer any tutorials or guides on how to use its features?
Can TwoShot generate new samples based on my instructions?
Can I search for specific samples within TwoShot?
How can I integrate TwoShot into my existing music production workflow?
How can TwoShot enhance my music creativity?


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