Messages 07 Mar 2023
Automate SMS scheduling with personality customization.

Generated by ChatGPT

TxtGenie AI is an AI-powered tool that helps with scheduling and automating SMS text messages. The tool offers customization of the tone and style of messages, allowing users to select specific personalities, even fictional ones, as inspiration.

TxtGenie's automation feature automatically schedules messages based on a user's input and contact list. It analyzes data to determine the best time to send each message, eliminating the need for manual calculations.The tool also helps users plan and schedule activities by giving access to their calendar and desired activity categories.

It will use this information to organize an exciting outing for them and send them reminders and invitations. TxtGenie determines success by the completion of milestones, which users can identify before starting a conversation.

The tool optimizes response suggestions based on these goals and uses the data learned to improve future conversations.Overall, TxtGenie AI is a useful tool for businesses, individuals, and organizations that often send bulk SMS messages.

It allows for customization of messages and automation of scheduling, freeing up time and resources.


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