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Rapid text-based video editing for social media content.
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Type Studio is a text-based video editor that allows users to edit their videos by editing the transcribed text. This intuitive and fast tool enables users to produce, edit, and distribute videos in an effortless and beginner-friendly workflow.

It also provides a plethora of other features such as automatic transcription and subtitling, repurposing content into TikToks, Reels and Shorts, fast, text-based podcast editing, advanced AI-generated subtitles, and more.

Type Studio has already been used by over 200,000 creators and podcasters, making it the number one choice for easy and fast editing. Its AI-based technology ensures accuracy in transcription, allows for the removal of filler words or pauses, and can rotate videos with ease.

It also allows for the simple conversion of long-form podcasts into shorter clips for promotion across social media channels. Above all, its user-friendly interface gives content creators and teams the space to share all the work that matters.


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Pros and Cons


Limited to text-based editing
No Video timeline editing
Dependent on transcription accuracy
May oversimplify complex edits
Unsuitable for precision editing
No detailed audio editing
Lack of comprehensive special effects
Limited customization options


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