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Realistic audio generation for video content
Generated by ChatGPT

The AI Voice Generator with Emotional Text to Speech by Typecast is an online tool that allows users to convert text into lifelike speech. With a library of over 400+ hyper-realistic voices, this tool enables users to create content just the way they want it.

It offers various features and functionalities for different purposes, including storytelling, presentation, product marketing, training videos, YouTube videos, and education.Typecast's AI Voice Generator is designed to provide realistic AI voices and avatars, allowing users to power their video content with captivating and engaging audio.

Users can easily cast a character, type in their desired text, choose the voice style, and download the generated audio. The tool also offers text-to-voice templates for different categories like audiobooks, education, sales, documentaries, training, and gaming, making it easier for users to get started.One of the key advantages of using Typecast's AI Voice Generator is its ability to save time and eliminate the hassle of production costs.

Users do not need to hire actors, manage film crews, or rent a studio, as the tool eliminates the need for screen recording and post-production editing.

It offers a simple and user-friendly interface, allowing users to type, paste, or import their written content directly into the platform.Overall, Typecast's AI Voice Generator is a web-based platform that provides users with a wide range of options for creating high-quality video content with human-like virtual avatars.

It offers emotional text-to-voice settings, a vast library of voice-over actors, and a seamless editing experience. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Typecast's AI Voice Generator is a valuable tool for content creators looking to enhance their videos with realistic and engaging audio.


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Sep 3, 2023
OMG! One of the worst "terms of use" i have ever seen. Basicly They we own your a**. They have every right for your creations on their platform. They can use your creations as however, whenever, whereever they want. Plus if you make money from a creation from their platform, you will end up giving them. Because they are saying you cannot do anything commercially that you have created on their platform unless you made a special agreement on paper.

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Pros and Cons


400+ hyper-realistic voices
Emotional text-to-speech feature
Exporter of generated audio
Text-to-voice templates availability
Reduces production costs
No screen recording
No post-production editing
Extensive voice-over library
Multi-purpose tool (presentations, marketing)
Voice style customization
User-friendly interface
Ease of text input
Direct content import option
Web-based platform
Suitable for video content
Virtual avatar generation
Services various categories like audiobooks, education, gaming
Weekly actor updates
Saves time for creators
Creates engaging audio
Eliminates actor hiring need
Supports multiple languages
Commercial use available
Customer support available
Education through blog
Weekly actor updates
Cast a character feature
Offers tailored emotions and tones
Useful in content monetization
Tool tips and suggestions
Frequently updated with new features
Professional sounding voice overs
Availability of training videos
High-quality Sound output
Great for YouTubers
Helpful in sales presentations
Great for gaming content
Benefit to educators
Compliments video documentaries
Easy-to-use tool
Effortless mnemonic control
Professional quality dialogues
Regular system upgrades
Technical support availability
In-built text editor
High degree of customization
Online story narration
Customer testimonials


No mobile app
No offline availability
Limited language support
Limited emotional settings
Limited voice styles
Subscription required for commercial use
Cannot modify existing voices
No API for integration
Only web-based platform
Limited video editing features


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What type of content can be created using Typecast AI?
What makes Typecast's AI Voice Generator a valuable tool for content creators?
How does Typecast's AI Voice Generator save time and reduce production costs?

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