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Text box language processing extension.
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TypeGPT is a browser extension that allows users to incorporate language processing AI, namely Chatgpt, into any text box on the internet. The tool allows users to customize their experience by selecting different models for different use cases, such as coding, SQL, or translation.

TypeGPT prides itself on being a cost-effective solution, offering its services at less than 10% of the cost of its alternatives. The tool is lightweight and takes up only 28KB of space.

Additionally, users can add their own models at any time to suit their different usages, whether it be code models, SQL models or content writing models.

TypeGPT is currently able to work on noted platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Sheet, Google Search and Stackoverflow. TypeGPT also gives users the option to bring their own keys using BYOK, ensuring enhanced security.

The tool requires users to enable JavaScript in their browser settings to buy the product. The only cost involved is a one-time fee of $10+$10, and no subscription is necessary.

TypeGPT is created by Pavan Dongare and can be purchased through his Gumroad page.


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TypeGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Customizable model selection
Coding, SQL, translation models
Cost-effective solution
Lightweight tool (28KB)
User-model addition ability
Compatible with LinkedIn, Twitter
Works on Google Sheet, Google Search
Usable on Stackoverflow
BYOK option for security
JavaScript-enabled tool
Single payment requirement
No subscription necessary
Tool by Pavan Dongare


JavaScript dependency
Limited platform compatibility
No subscription (update uncertainty)
Single developer dependency
Unestablished tool (0 ratings)
Only available through Gumroad
BYOK complicates setup
Potential concerns over extension security


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What is the cost of using TypeGPT?
Can I use my own models with TypeGPT?
How secure is TypeGPT?
What are the system requirements for TypeGPT?
How do I purchase TypeGPT?
Who is the creator of TypeGPT?
Why is there a need to enable JavaScript to buy TypeGPT?
What does 'bring your own keys' mean in the context of TypeGPT?
Can I use TypeGPT for coding or SQL?
How much space does TypeGPT take up?
Can I use TypeGPT for translation purposes?
What is the special feature of TypeGPT regarding cost-effectiveness?
How to add and use different models in TypeGPT?

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