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Automated daily writing and translation prompts.
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TypistAI is an AI tool that allows you to use GPT-4 on any website. With this tool, users can simplify daily tasks including customer support chats, email writing, Google sheet queries, content writing and more, without leaving their favorite sites.

Additionally, TypistAI can generate French translations on Twitter, Sheets formulas with one prompt, emails with just one prompt, LinkedIn posts in seconds, MySQL queries with planetscale, and port them anywhere users want.

The tool offers native integration with favorite applications, making it easy for users to swipe examples to see how TypistAI works. TypistAI is available for purchase with a one-time lifetime license fee of $29 through a pre-order process.

The tool is made by Nithur, and after purchasing, additional information will be sent via email. Overall, TypistAI is a useful AI tool that simplifies daily tasks and offers integration with various applications.

Typistai was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


GPT-4 application on websites
Automated daily writing tasks
Automated translation tasks
Simplifies customer support chats
Automates email writing
Assists with Google sheet queries
Automates content creation
Generates French translations on Twitter
Automated LinkedIn posts creation
Helps with MySQL queries
One-time lifetime license
Native application integration
Generates Sheet formulas with one-prompt
Generates emails with one-prompt
Seamless operation on favorite sites
Capable to port anywhere
Easy example swiping for demonstrations
Made by Nithur
Post-purchase support via email


One time lifetime license
Only GPT-4 support
Limited to predefined applications
Requires internet access
No multiple language translation
No Android/iOS version
No per-user pricing
No custom integrations
Limitations in MySQL queries
No trial version


What is TypistAI?
How does TypistAI use GPT-4?
What tasks can TypistAI automate?
Can TypistAI help with customer support chats?
How can TypistAI aid in email writing?
How does TypistAI interact with Google Sheets?
What content can TypistAI write?
Can TypistAI generate French translations on Twitter?
Can TypistAI generate LinkedIn posts?
How does TypistAI help with MySQL queries?
Can TypistAI be used on any website?
What applications does TypistAI integrate with?
How can I see examples of TypistAI at work?
How much does a lifetime license for TypistAI cost?
What is the purchase process for TypistAI?
Who developed TypistAI?
What will I receive via email after purchasing TypistAI?
How does TypistAI simplify daily tasks?
Can TypistAI generate email content with just one prompt?
Can TypistAI be ported anywhere?


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