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Improved cover letter feedback and critique.
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Roast My Job Application is an AI-powered tool that allows users to submit their cover letters and receive constructive feedback from Coda AI. The tool is designed to help job applicants improve their application materials by providing insights into areas that need improvement.

It is particularly useful for individuals who want to receive honest and direct feedback on their job applications.To use the tool, users are required to have JavaScript enabled in their browser.

Once enabled, users can submit their cover letters to Coda AI and receive a critique of their application. The feedback is generated by an AI algorithm that analyzes the content of the cover letter and provides recommendations based on established best practices.The tool is part of a larger platform called Coda, which is similar to Notion but offers more advanced capabilities.

Its primary purpose is to assist users in creating and organizing documents efficiently. Roast My Job Application was created as an entry for the Coda's AI at Work Challenge, where participants were challenged to create innovative AI-powered solutions.

It is meant to be a fun and engaging tool that showcases the capabilities of Coda AI.Users can choose to submit their cover letters under a pseudonym if they prefer.

The tool securely stores user data in a private Coda document, ensuring that only CodaTricks, the creators of the tool, have access to it. Users can also request to have their data wiped by contacting [email protected].


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Ubel was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Provides constructive feedback
Analyzes content for improvement
Generates feedback based on best practices
Offers direct and honest feedback
User-friendly JavaScript integration
Part of advanced Coda platform
Option for pseudonymous submissions
Guarantees secure data storage
Option to erase user data
Multiple application role submissions
Fun and engaging interface
Template for remix and reuse
Creates personalized rejection letters
Encourages user engagement through social media
Facilitates document organization
Service provided by reliable CodaTricks creators
High-quality cover letter feedback


Requires JavaScript
Data privacy concerns
Limited to cover letters
Possibly too brutal feedback
No API mentioned
Dependent on Coda platform
No customization options
Feedback standardization may miss nuances


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