Data labeling 2022-01-19
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Data labeling for NLP & ML projects
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UBIAI Text Annotation Tool is an AI tool that aims to make natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) solutions more accessible and affordable.

It provides AI Builder, an AI engine that allows users to build intelligent document applications. The tool offers various features, including document classification, auto-labeling, multi-lingual annotation, named entity recognition (NER), and OCR annotation.

It also supports team collaboration, which can help improve data quality and workflow efficiency.UBIAI's comprehensive annotation tool can handle various types of documents, such as PDFs, images, and text.

It is particularly praised for its OCR annotation capabilities, enabling users to extract data from scanned documents and images. This feature can significantly reduce costs and operational barriers associated with unlocking data from such sources.The tool offers additional functionality, such as auto-labeling using large language models, simplifying the data labeling process and saving time and effort.

It also provides the capability to train state-of-the-art deep learning models on annotated datasets, allowing users to fine-tune their machine learning models and accelerate the training process.UBIAI's collaboration features make it suitable for teams, allowing easy assignment of tasks, progress tracking, and performance measurement.

The tool supports annotation in multiple languages and various formats, including handwritten, scanned, and digital documents.UBIAI is designed for versatile use across industries, including banking, finance, healthcare, insurance, legal, and technology.

Its features can help streamline data annotation and training processes specific to each industry's needs, ranging from semantic analysis to fraud detection and shortening diagnosis and treatment times.Overall, UBIAI Text Annotation Tool stands out for its OCR capabilities, collaboration features, and support for training deep learning models, making it a valuable tool for NLP and ML projects in a wide range of industries.


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Pros and Cons


Document classification feature
Auto-labeling feature
Multi-lingual annotation feature
Named entity recognition (NER)
OCR annotation feature
Supports team collaboration
Can handle various document types
Supports annotation across industries
Enables training of deep learning models
Easy assignment of tasks
Progress tracking feature
Performance measurement feature
Supports annotation in multiple languages
Supports handwritten, scanned, and digital documents
Helps streamline data annotation
Helps accelerate ML model training
Suitable for banking, finance, healthcare, insurance, legal, and technology industries
Can handle PDFs, images, and text documents
Efficient workflow efficiency
Can extract data from scanned documents and images
Assists in semantic analysis and fraud detection needs
Can annotate native and scanned PDFs
OCR coordinates for each word available
Supports user feedback and needs
Offers a discount for students/researchers
State-of-art deep learning models training
Supports data labeling with large language models
Supports text, image, and PDF formats in multiple languages
Applicable in financial, healthcare, legal, and technology industries
Offers model fitting or auto-annotation
Supports regex annotation
Intuitive UI
Can visualize healthcare machine learning
Supports semantic search for legal industries
Training support for chatbots and virtual assistants
Supports training hi-tech NLP models
Significant discounts for researchers and students
Supports training of Spacy, BERT, and GPT models
Enables fine-tuning on annotated data
Enables training chatbots and virtual assistants
Data scientists tools support
Supports various export formats
Connects with APIs for predictions
Document classification support
Data analyst technologies compatible
Supports process scanned documents
Supports import of pre-annotated data
Supports secure data retention with daily snapshots
Supports over 20 languages
Offers pay as you go options
Allows labeling and training simultaneously
Designed to handle complex data


Limited OCR document uploads
No collaboration for individual plan
Expensive for moderate teams
Multilingual support unclear
On-premise package not detailed
Limited Non-OCR document uploads
Table extraction only in PRO
No apparent API support
Unclear feature instructions


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