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Health symptom analysis and treatment recommendations.
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Ubie is a healthcare AI tool developed by doctors that helps users find out potential causes and treatment options for their symptoms. It is a 3-minute symptom checker powered by AI and backed by 50+ medical experts from around the world.

The AI system is based on a large number of published scientific papers and clinical data sources and is trusted and continuously trained by 900+ medical institutions.

Ubie is available in the United States and other countries, and is Japan's top healthcare startup. Users can start by inputting their symptoms and will get a personalized report with information on when to see a doctor, possible causes for their symptoms, and treatment information.

Ubie's mission is to develop a healthcare guide for everyone.


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Pros and Cons


3-minute symptom checker
Backed by 50+ medical experts
Trained by 900+ medical institutions
Global availability
Personalized report generation
Treatment advice
Developed by doctors
Based on scientific publications
User-friendly interface
Covers a wide range of symptoms
Allows direct symptom input
Includes when to see a doctor
Offers disease specific symptom checking
Supports multiple medical specialties
Free tool
Simple account creation
Compliant with Privacy Policy
User testimonials available
Ongoing improvement with clinical practice
Incorporates academic data
Over 50,000 clinical data sources
Guided by professional supervision
Credible company reputation
Brief and swift report generation
Presence in major healthcare markets
Efficient symptom-disease correlation
Clarity of medical terminologies
Easy and quick navigation
Offers differential diagnosis
Symptom checker in line with specialties
Assists decision-making for medical consultation
Detailed breakdown of symptoms and causes
Avoids fear-mongering diagnosis like cancer
Represents various specialties in the medical team
Detailed description of symptoms and diagnosis
Confirmatory for user's symptom suspicions
Symptom input based on body parts
Multiple language support


Country limitation
Language barrier
Requires account creation
No advanced symptom input
Limited symptom categories
No live chat
No mobile app
Limited specialty coverage
No pairing with local doctors


What is Ubie AI Symptom Checker?
How does Ubie analyze my symptoms?
How reliable is the information provided by Ubie?
Who developed Ubie and why?
How long does it take to get a report from Ubie?
How does Ubie use AI for symptom checking?
Is Ubie trustworthy for medical symptom checking?
How is Ubie different from other symptom checkers?
In which countries is Ubie available?
How does Ubie determine when I should see a doctor?
What kind of treatment information does Ubie provide?
How is Ubie connected with the medical community?
What kind of clinical data sources does Ubie use?
How personalized is the report generated by Ubie?
Where can I start using the Ubie Symptom Checker?
What information do I need to provide to Ubie?
Who are the medical experts supervising Ubie?
How does Ubie determine possible causes for my symptoms?
Can I use Ubie to research symptoms for specific diseases?
Does Ubie provide symptom checking for various medical specialties?

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