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Animated photo and video editing with personalization.
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Unboring is an AI-powered tool that enables users to swap faces and animate photos. The tool provides a powerful platform that lets users create stunning, eye-catching animations with just a few clicks.

With Unboring, users can easily transform their photos and videos into enchanting masterpieces using various filters, including cyber-bunk, anime, and claymation.

The platform also allows users to turn their videos into cartoons and apply a wide range of visual styles enhanced by viral video-to-video technology.

The face swapping feature lets users instantly change faces on a photo or create a funny video with friends. Users can be whoever they want to be by swapping faces with others.

Moreover, the animate feature lets users make their photos talk and dance with just a single tap. The tool uses advanced AI to bring photos to life, making it super easy to create personalized masterpieces.

Overall, Unboring is an efficient and user-friendly tool that enables users to create stunning and unique animated photos and videos. The platform has a wide range of AI filters that allow users to transform their ordinary dancing, sports, and other activities into personalized masterpieces.

With Unboring, users can unleash their creativity and transform their photos and videos into something magical.


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Unboring was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Animated photo and video editing
Face swapping feature
One-tap photo animation
Multiple eye-catching filters
Transform videos into cartoons
Various visual styles enhancement
Ability to swap multiple faces
Efficient and user-friendly
Personalized creations
Unleashes creativity
Can transform everyday activities into art
Features for pet photos
Can upload long videos
Regular updates of styles
Fast processing
Does not require professional skills
Works with custom content
Delivers unique results
Interface is easy-to-use
Gallery of photos and videos to choose from
Ability to swap multiple faces simultaneously
Daily addition of new songs, sounds, and lines
Instant comic effects
Affordable and flexible pricing


Sign-up required
Limited free tokens
Low number of styles
Need to purchase tokens
Subscription required
Short video restyling time
No offline feature
No dedicated mobile app
Primarily uses web platform


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