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Content generation for business copywriting.
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Smart Copy is an AI powered copywriting and content generation tool from Unbounce. It is designed to help businesses create engaging and effective content quickly and easily.

It uses natural language processing and machine learning to generate copy that is tailored to the user's preferences and needs. It also includes features such as automated content rewriting, summarizing and expanding existing copy, a Chrome extension, a desktop app, and an AI optimization feature.

Smart Copy is accessible to users of all levels, with a free plan and affordable pricing options. It is a great way to save time and money while producing creative and high-quality content.


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Pros and Cons


Natural language processing
Machine learning
Tailored content generation
Automated content rewriting
Content summarization feature
Content expanding feature
Accessible to all levels
Free plan available
Affordable pricing options
High-quality output
Desktop app
Chrome extension
Supports multiple languages
Supports content generation for multiple industries
On-the-spot copy creation
Integration with other tools
Built-in Grammarly support
Project-based content creation
Variety of templates for different needs
Effective for ad copy creation
Effective for taglines creation
Effective for email writing
Supports creation of variant landing page copies
Content generation for specific platforms like TikTok
Page writing automation
Overcome writer’s block
Increased productivity
No credit card required for free plan
Smart Copy for business copywriting
Shortcut for well crafted content
Content support for multiple marketing needs
Generates whole stories


No collaboration features
No iOS or Android app
Limited offline access
Limited multi-language support
No API for integrations
Lack of customization options
Limited free plan
No automation features
No data privacy mention
Requires internet connectivity


What is Smart Copy?
How does Smart Copy use AI technology?
Can Smart Copy help generate content that matches my preferences?
What are the key features of Smart Copy?
How can Smart Copy assist with rewriting, summarizing, and expanding existing copy?
Is there a Chrome extension for Smart Copy?
Does Smart Copy have a desktop app?
What is the AI optimization feature in Smart Copy?
Who can use Smart Copy?
Is Smart Copy a free tool?
What are the other pricing options for Smart Copy?
Can Smart Copy help me save money and time?
How can Smart Copy improve the quality of my content?
How does Smart Copy aid businesses?
How is machine learning utilized in Smart Copy?
Does Smart Copy support multiple languages?
Are there any template options available in Smart Copy?
Can Smart Copy integrate with my favorite tools?
How does Smart Copy ensure my content is engaging and effective?
Is Smart Copy suitable for use in my email, documents, or even directly on a website?

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