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Automated creative agency for on-demand creativity.
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Uncreative is the world's first fully automated creative agency, powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It allows users to get creative work done by machines, with no delays and no human interaction required.

This enables users to receive presentations with ideas within minutes of submitting a brief. During the beta phase of the service, the service is completely free, and afterwards, users will be charged a flat fee of five dollars per idea.

This AI-driven service provides an innovative and efficient way for users to get creative work done without the need for a human creative agency.

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Pros and Cons


Immediate creativity
No human interaction
High speed output
Operates 24/7
Flat fee structure
No wait periods
On-demand service
Broad industry application
Effective time management
Highly scalable solution
Idea diversity
No ego clashes
Automated ideation process
Innovative solution
Fully automated creative agency
Free during beta phase
Uniform idea cost post-beta
Minimal operational barriers
Hassle-free implementation
Promotes workflow efficiency
One sentence brief
Streamlined creative process
Reduces human resource dependence
Instant presentation generation
Ideal for quick brainstorming
Independent of personnel availability
Uncomplicated briefing process
Simplified pricing
More time for implementation


No human interaction
Limited creative diversity
Cannot revise or adjust requests
Flat fee per idea
Lack of emotional understanding
Doesn't understand ambiguous briefs
No instant feedback mechanism
Susceptible to system errors
Potential lack of originality
Relies heavily on user briefs


What is Uncreative?
How does Uncreative work?
What are the main features of Uncreative?
Does Uncreative require human interaction?
How long does it take to get a presentation with ideas from Uncreative?
How much does Uncreative cost during the beta phase?
What will the pricing structure be after beta for Uncreative?
Who is Uncreative meant for?
How is Uncreative different from a traditional creative agency?
Are there any limitations to the type of creative work Uncreative can handle?
Why is Uncreative referred to as fully automated?
Does Uncreative have any partners or collaborations?
How do I submit a brief to Uncreative?
What happens after I submit a brief to Uncreative?
What kind of ideas can Uncreative generate?
Will the price per idea change after the beta phase?
Is artificial creativity the same as human creativity?
What are some of the benefits of using Uncreative?
Why does Uncreative claim 'no egos' in their work?
Is there a subscription option for regular usage with Uncreative?

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