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Developed careers for higher ed professionals globally.
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UniGlobal Careers is a career engine that helps individuals boost their careers in international higher education by providing job listings, career advice, and resources such as a CV Generator, DISC personality test, and application questions assistant.

The platform is designed to connect job seekers with international career opportunities and the best strategies for success, using the latest technology and experts in the field.

One of the key tools offered by UniGlobal Careers is their AI-powered CV and cover letter generator, which allows users to create professional CVs and cover letters relevant to international higher education in a matter of minutes.

The AI assistant also matches individual work experience to job descriptions, helping users craft the perfect answer to any application questions. In addition to job search and career development resources, UniGlobal Careers also offers personality and career quizzes, an AI-powered visa and relocation assistant, and the latest news and trends from the world of international higher education.

The platform is staffed by a team of caring career consultants, known as the Globe Turtlers, who are committed to helping international higher education professionals chase their dream careers.

UniGlobal Careers is an innovative platform that offers valuable support and guidance to individuals looking to build their careers in international higher education.

With its cutting-edge AI tools, extensive job listings, and expert career advice, the platform is a must-visit for anyone looking to advance their career in this dynamic field.


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Uniglobal was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Professional resume generator
Specific to higher education
Career advice resources
Provides international job listings
Visa and relocation assistant
Latest field-specific news
CV tailoring per job
Personalized application assistance
Available personality/career quizzes
International opportunities focus
Accessible career consultants
Skill proficiency measurement
Automated job feed
Global relocation insights
Dedicated community platform
Access to career strategies
FAQ style career advice
Newsletter integration
Active social media presence
University networking opportunities
Access to employment trends
Automated news feed
Real-time field updates


Limited to international education
No offline accessibility
No mobile app available
Lacks personalized job recommendations
No integrated networking feature
No flexibility in CV templates
No multi-language support
Doesn't support academic CV formats


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What strategies for success does UniGlobal Careers offer for job seekers?
What is the UniGlobal Careers News Room?


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