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Build a custom website from anywhere. No code needed.
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Universe is a tool designed to simplify online website creation, enabling users to build custom websites without the need for coding knowledge. With this tool, users can build a range of websites such as online stores, portfolios, blogs, fan sites, and more from any device including phones, tablets, and computers.

The platform offers a visual editor where elements can be arranged using a drag-and-drop functionality, completely bypassing the need for HTML or CSS.

It includes several features like selling blocks for businesses to start selling products instantly, with additional benefits such as discounted shipping labels.

The platform also integrates analytics to track site traffic and helps in growing the audience. Users can also run ads on popular social media networks.

Universe offers various plans, ranging from free to premium levels, providing users with options to host their domains, access to advanced SEO and DNS features, and more.

Furthermore, they have an extensive database of templates while also offering the freedom to start from scratch. Universe is also noted for its AI integration, capable of generating bold website designs in minutes.


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Pros and Cons


Build websites from any device
No coding knowledge required
Range of website categories
Visual drag-and-drop editor
Bypasses HTML and CSS
Selling blocks feature
Discounted shipping labels
Integrated site traffic analytics
Social media ad integrations
Free to premium plans
Domain hosting options
Advanced SEO and DNS features
Extensive template database
Option to start from scratch
Generates designs in minutes
Visual preview of site
Unlimited pages on free plan
Unlimited products on free plan
Easy domain hosting
SEO and DNS on paid plans
Lower fees on Pro plan
Faster payouts on Pro plan
Customizable branding
Advanced tools on premium templates


No HTML or CSS customization
Limited to template database
Ads run only on social media
Premium for advanced SEO features
Pro level needed for lower fees
Limited integrations
No explicit multi-language support
No explicit e-commerce support
Requires annual billing for discounts


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Does Universe offer advanced SEO and DNS features?
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