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BenderV/generate is an experimental project available on GitHub focused on generating data from LLM (Language Models). This project is known for generating datasets in CSV format.

It was built to experiment with the potential data generation capabilities using language models. Whilst BenderV/generate is now deprecated, it served as a precursor to the new project 'Ada'.

Ada is another GitHub project from the same developer continuing the ideas and efforts of the generate project. Note that during installation and usage of BenderV/generate, environment variables such as DATABASE_URL and OPENAI_API_KEY needed to be set up.

It's also important to mention that certain installation steps requiring command-line scripting (like yarn dev and pip install) were necessary for both frontend and backend operations.


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Pros and Cons


Generates data on-the-fly
User-specified field generation
Useful for diversified datasets
Generates various data types
Data generation for visualization
Ideal for testing/research
Generates international data
Generates list data
Generates numerical data
Generates statistical data
Gsheet integration
Generates data for competitions
Generates demographic data
Generates digital currency data
Generates sports-related data
Generates ecommerce data
Generates geographical data
Generates social media data
Generates mobile number data
Generates recipe data
Generates school subjects data
Generates business-related data
Generates equations
Generates art-related data
Generates construction-related data
Generates transportation-related data
Generates neighborhood data
Generates ranking data
Generates genetic data
Generates cybersecurity-related data
Generates real estate data
Generates network activity statistics
Generates guide-related data


No real-time data generation
Limited field customization
No verification of data accuracy
Doesn't include trend data
Lacks data filtering options
No multi-language support
Unspecified data source reliability
No user interface customizability
No data export options
Lacks collaboration features


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How does the Universal Data Generator use AI to create data sets?
Can you customize the fields of data with the Universal Data Generator?
How can the Universal Data Generator assist with research and testing?
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Is the Universal Data Generator suitable for generating data for data visualizations?
Can the Universal Data Generator produce data sets for a specific set of cities, like Japanese or French cities?
How does the Universal Data Generator handle different data types such as names, numbers, characteristics?
Can the Universal Data Generator be used to create data sets on specific industries, such as cannabis e-commerce or low-code platforms?
Can the Universal Data Generator create data on specific football teams and their statistics?
Can the Universal Data Generator generate mobile WhatsApp numbers for a specific country like Kyrgyzstan?
Is it possible to generate data on different animal characteristics with the Universal Data Generator?
Can the Universal Data Generator create data on popular social media posts or trends?
Do you have to manually specify all fields when using the Universal Data Generator or does it suggest some for you?
Does the Universal Data Generator have the capability to generate data on specific art styles or artists?
Can the Universal Data Generator produce data on specific regulations such as French ecological building regulations?
Is it possible to generate data on real estate, such as condos for rent in specific cities, with the Universal Data Generator?
Can the Universal Data Generator generate random mathematical equations?
How detailed is the data generated using the Universal Data Generator, for example, can it include specific data like a company's revenue and profits?
Can the Universal Data Generator create data for specific events like the FIFA World Cup 2022 rankings?

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