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Universal chat assistant for content discussion.
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ChatGPT is a chrome extension that allows users to access a personal AI assistant on any website. With a simple shortcut, users can open ChatGPT and load articles, YouTube videos, and PDFs to discuss, summarize, and ask questions about the content.

The tool offers the convenience of a customizable shortcut (Alt+u) to open the ChatGPT window. Users can freely move and resize the chat window within their browser.This extension supports various types of content, including long articles and text files, and allows users to engage in discussions, summarizations, and queries.

All the content and conversations are stored locally in the user's browser for privacy purposes. ChatGPT can be used with existing ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus accounts, or users can directly utilize the OpenAI API, known as TurboChat.Universally's design prioritizes fast and user-friendly access to ChatGPT on any website.

Furthermore, the tool is privacy-focused, ensuring that data is only stored locally in the user's browser. Universally does not collect or track user data or conversations.With a 4.7/5 rating from a significant user base, Universally has been praised for its convenience, fast login, and seamless access to ChatGPT.

Users appreciate the tool's design and flow, along with the ability to access previous chats from the ChatGPT main site.


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Universally was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension tool
Simple shortcut access
Customizable shortcut
Chat window movable
Supports various content
Data stored locally
Fit with existing accounts
Privacy-focused design
User-friendly access
Fast login process
Seamless ChatGPT access
Convert web content
Handle long articles
Works with YouTube videos
Loads PDFs
Content privacy
High user rating
Access previous chats
Change between models
Supports full markdown style
Copy text and code
Switch to older conversations
Clean user-friendly interface
Free and Premium versions
Listing of chat history
Security check in auto window
Private by design
Focus mode
Fast and reliable access
Unlimited content loading
Future premium features access
One-time fee for premium
Free 24 hours premium test
Inclusive of all default features


Only a Chrome Extension
No mobile access
Login required
Shortcut Key may conflict
Doesn't support real-time collaboration
No multi-language support
Limited free usage
Cannot process complex requests
Isn't suited to work offline


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