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Automated issue resolution for reliability operations.
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unSkript is an AI-powered tool that transforms reliability operations by replacing traditional runbooks with notebooks. It uses Generative AI and Jupyter Notebooks to generate health checks, runbooks, and workflows in real-time.

With unSkript, users can proactively identify and resolve issues in their applications before they impact customers.The tool automates routine and manual tasks, reducing the chances of errors and minimizing downtime.

By leveraging automation, unSkript enables users to keep a close eye on their customer journey, detecting symptoms of potential problems before they become major issues.

It also helps users find and eliminate wasted resources, preventing unexpected costs by tracking down inefficient assets.UnSkript offers pre-built runbooks that enable engineers to strike a balance between autonomy and compliance, reducing the dependency on support teams.

This empowers employees to solve problems independently and decreases the number of support calls.The tool utilizes Generative AI to deliver real-time health checks and workflows, enabling users to stay proactive in resolving incidents.

UnSkript is built using Python and offers adaptability and freedom to its users, ensuring they are not locked into a specific vendor.Overall, unSkript is a reliable and efficient tool that improves reliability operations by integrating AI-powered notebooks, automation, and proactive issue resolution.


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Pros and Cons


Automates reliability operations
Generates health checks real-time
Creates workflows in real-time
Proactively identifies app issues
Minimizes downtime
Reduces manual tasks
Early detection of potential problems
Finds and eliminates wasted resources
Tracks inefficient assets
Offers pre-built runbooks
Reduces support calls
Enables autonomy in problem resolution
Provides real-time health checks
Compatible with Jupyter Notebooks
Built using Python
Avoids vendor lock-in
Supports proactive incident resolution
Transforms traditional runbooks into notebooks


Uses only Jupyter Notebooks
Depends heavily on pre-built runbooks
Python-based, might limit users
No mention of API
Potential steep learning curve
Only automates certain tasks
No real-time issue resolution
Only supports certain app healthchecks
Requires proactive user interaction
No clear error reporting


What is unSkript?
How does unSkript automate issue resolution in reliability operations?
In what way does unSkript use Generative AI and Jupyter Notebooks?
What is the purpose of real-time health checks and workflows generated by unSkript?
How does unSkript help identify and resolve application issues proactively?
How does unSkript's automation reduce errors and minimize downtime?
What benefits does unSkript offer in terms of monitoring the customer journey?
Can unSkript help me find and eliminate wasted resources?
What is the role of pre-built runbooks in unSkript and how do they contribute to autonomy and compliance?
How does unSkript decrease the number of support calls?
What does unSkript mean by offering adaptability and freedom to its users?
What is the significance of Python in building unSkript?
How can unSkript help in preventing unexpected costs?
How does unSkript transform reliability operations?
Can unSkript help in resolving incidents faster?
How does unSkript prevent mistakes in reliability operations?
What is the purpose of automated checks in unSkript?
Does unSkript offer a free trial?
How can I start using unSkript?
Is unSkript suitable for my cloud operations?

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