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Summarize content, save time for writers and marketers.
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Unsummary is a web application that utilizes AI technology to generate summaries of various types of content, including books, movies, TV shows, podcasts, people, and text.

It aims to assist writers and content marketers in saving time and effort by providing them with concise summaries that can be effortlessly integrated into their work.The tool boasts an extensive database, encompassing over 40 million books, 630,000 movies, 230,000 TV shows, 4.1 million podcasts, and 1.2 million people profiles.

Additionally, it enables users to summarize any piece of text, such as website content or Wikipedia articles. With its swift processing capabilities, Unsummary delivers summaries in seconds, allowing users to expedite their writing and content marketing endeavors.The tool offers six main functionalities to enhance writing productivity.

Users can search through the vast collection of books, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and people, and obtain quick summaries for integration into their projects.

Whether it's reviewing books, analyzing movies, discussing TV shows, recommending podcasts, profiling individuals, or summarizing text, Unsummary aims to streamline the process and provide users with control over their summaries.Users can easily copy and paste the generated summaries and customize them to suit their needs.

Whether for blog articles, reports, presentations, or newsletters, Unsummary encourages seamless integration of the summaries into various forms of content.Using Unsummary not only provides users with AI-generated summaries but also allows them to optimize their writing productivity, saving valuable time and resources.


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May 20, 2024
Its better for people who use it one off instead of people who are students because it utilizes the credit system instead of a plan system which would benefit students a lot more than buying credits constantly. Because I'm a student the cons are outweigh the pros so I'm not willing to give it a chance because of that but if you need something that's sort of simple easy quick you're not gonna use it a lot then maybe you should try it but I haven't signed up so...

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Pros and Cons


Summarizes various content types
Summarizes books, movies, TV shows
Includes podcasts and people profiles
Enables text summarization
Extensive database
40 million books
630,000 movies
230,000 TV shows
4.1 million podcasts
1.2 million people profiles
Delivers summaries in seconds
Ease of integration into projects
Available summaries for content topics
Editable generated summaries
Enhances writing productivity
Content marketing tool
Reduced time and effort
Cost saving for businesses
Functionalities for various summarizing needs
Ease of search in database
Web-based application
Credentials purchasing option
User-friendly interface
Swift processing capabilities
Assists in market research
Optimizes writing productivity
User registration feature
User dashboard availability


Limited to web application
No mention of multilingual support
Requires purchase of credits
No API for integration
No mobile app version
Database not updated regularly
User customization limited
Not open source


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How does Unsummary optimize writing productivity for users?
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Is there any cost to use Unsummary?
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How to buy credits for Unsummary?
How to contact Unsummary for support?

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