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Analyzes feedback to improve products for businesses.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered feedback analytics platform that helps businesses understand their customer needs and build products that customers genuinely care about.

By turning customer feedback into actionable insights, enables product teams to supercharge their products and enhance customer satisfaction.

One of the key features of is its ability to collect feedback from both public and private sources, eliminating the need for manual effort and spreadsheets.

Its AI technology automatically identifies key insights and patterns within the feedback, allowing product teams to gain a deeper understanding of their customers' preferences and priorities.

This understanding can then be applied to improve the product roadmap and effectively prioritize feature development. also offers a messaging feature that enables businesses to announce product improvements directly to their customers via bulk email, showcasing that their feedback has been heard and taken into account.The platform provides a user-friendly dashboard and customizable alerts to ensure that product teams stay informed about anomalies and thresholds in their feedback data.

Additionally, offers an API that allows businesses to harness its NLP technology in customized ways to suit their specific needs.With, businesses can save time and resources by streamlining the feedback analysis process and maximizing their engineering resources.

The platform is backed by world-class investors and is designed to help companies truly understand their customer needs, enabling them to build extraordinary products.


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Pros and Cons


Feedback from public and private sources
Automatic insight identification
Understand customer preferences
Effective prioritization of features
Messaging feature for product improvements
Bulk email functionality
User-friendly dashboard
Customizable alerts
API available for customization
Time and resource efficiency
Notifies anomalies in feedback data
Backed by world-class investors
NLP technology
Eliminates manual effort
Improves product roadmap
Helps build customer empathy
Assists management in prioritizing
Helps gain customer pulse check
Unified response tool across platforms
Anomaly detection
Threshold alerts
Feedback translated into actionable insights
Platform for all feedback
API for NLP technology customization
Saves 2-5 hours per week
Maximizes engineering resources
Daily actionable insights


No mobile app
Limited integrations
No offline usage
Messaging feature lacks customization
No real-time data analysis
No multilingual support
Requires technical knowledge for API
Dashboard not fully customizable
Unclear data protection measures
No customer service chatbot


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What is the purpose of the user-friendly dashboard provided by
Can I customize alerts on
What is the functionality of's API?
How does help in streamlining the feedback analysis process?
Can help in resource optimization?
Who are the investors backing
Can help understand customer needs?
Are there any security features provided by
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How does help in saving time?
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