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App for automating productivity and task management.
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Motion is a productivity app that uses artificial intelligence to manage calendars, meetings, projects, and tasks. The app is designed to prioritize tasks, schedule meetings, and resolve calendar conflicts, with the aim of helping users to streamline their workday and achieve greater focus.

Motion claims to save users an average of 30.3 days per year by automating planning and scheduling, and by simplifying the process of managing multiple tools for calendars, to-do lists, and project management.The app offers four main features, including a calendar, project manager, task manager, and meeting assistant, which can be customized according to the user's needs.

In addition, Motion is designed to cater to a range of use cases, including service businesses, IT service providers, marketing agencies, design agencies, law firms, consulting businesses, tradespeople, repair and installation firms, real estate management, functional teams, startups, product teams, marketing teams, sales teams, and executive teams.Motion is used by over 20,000 professionals and teams, including CEOs and top performers in various fields.

The app provides an intelligent calendar view, automatic prioritization of tasks, automatic rescheduling of unfinished work, reminders for deadlines, and the ability to track progress and add notes, attachments, and comments to tasks and projects.

Additionally, users can create custom meeting templates and share availability to book time on their calendar, and Motion tries to schedule meetings back to back to minimize interruptions.

The app also offers a 7-day free trial and one-click cancellation for users who want to try it out.


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Jun 2, 2023
Good idea, but full of bug. It removed my lunch to put a working task, the report bug form doesn't let you write anything. I'm out
Nov 3, 2023
Thanks for the comment – I’ve always wondered what it was like, but been put off by the pricetag. Doesn’t sound like it’s worth it. :-(

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Pros and Cons


Manages calendars, meetings, projects
Task priorization
Resolves calendar conflicts
Streamlines workday
Increases focus
Can save 30.3 days/year
Features: calendar, project manager, task manager, meeting assistant
Customizable features
Allows note taking on tasks
Task progress tracking
Custom meeting templates
Availability sharing
Back-to-back schedule for less interruptions
7-day free trial
One-click cancellation
Intelligent calendar view
Automatic rescheduling of unfinished work
Deadline reminders
Suitable for many business types
Helps streamline different productivity tools
Trusted by thousands of professionals
User-friendly scheduling
Task and project scheduling automation
Time spent breakdown
Meeting and focus time optimization
Automatic team schedule adaptation
Algorithmic daily planning
Encourages deep work
Efficient time blocking
Team project organization
Shared progress tracking
Automated priority setting
Team schedule visibility
Anonymous task planning
Work and personal calendar merging
Step-by-step onboarding instructions
Keyboard shortcut-friendly
Syncs calendars, meetings, events
Can replace multiple productivity tools
Used by top executives and freelancers
Positive user testimonials
Supports Google and Outlook email accounts


Limited to Google or Outlook
Limited customization options
No evident offline functionality
Unclear data privacy practices
No multi-platform compatibility mentioned
No quick onboarding process


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