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AI-Driven Voice Interviews for Scalable, Insightful User Research
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UserCall is an AI tool designed to conduct voice user interviews, providing users with quality insights according to their specific goals. This tool uses AI-powered moderating agents, equipped with user research methods and human-centered design principles, to conduct 1:1 voice calls with users.

The AI interviewers can ask pertinent follow-up questions, permitting deeper understanding of the user base, while minimizing bias. UserCall allows for the execution of numerous user interviews at scale, yielding pertinent qualitative insights for businesses.

This tool also simplifies the qualitative analysis process by providing conversation highlights and summaries of recorded and transcribed voice conversations, thereby extracting key actionable insights with minimal user effort.

This tool is also designed to manage interview scheduling by providing shareable, branded interview links that can be accessed by users anytime. UserCall's use cases extend into continuous feedback and discovery, market and customer research, interview participant screening, UX and usability testing, as well as employee and customer satisfaction.

By offering these features, UserCall aims to save businesses time and effort, especially compared to conventional user research methods.

UserCall was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 15th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Conducts 1:1 voice calls
Intelligent follow-up questions
Mass user interviews execution
Provides qualitative insights
Conversation highlights and summaries
Extracts actionable insights
Manage interview scheduling
Shareable, branded interview links
Broad use cases
Saves time and effort
Facilitates continuous feedback
Enables market and customer research
Useful for UX testing
Assists in usability testing
Aids employee satisfaction measurement
Useful for customer satisfaction measurement
Customizable learning goals
No specific user research skills required
Provides deep-seated insights
Extracts insights with minimal effort
Branded links for higher conversion
Encourages user engagement anytime
Features for participant screening
Fosters better customer retention
Supports job-to-be-done understanding
Designed for pain points discovery
Convenient for problem discovery
Latent user needs discovery
Understanding behavioral contexts
Handles voice call screeners
Helpful for employee retention
Facilitates employee engagement
Reduces survey setup time
Reduces interview management time
Fast review and summarization
Bypasses intent validation of results
Used for live/in-person interviews screening
Customizable interview guide
Provides call recording features
Shortens calls for efficiency
Provides numerous interview links
Branded interview links feature
Offers custom domain links
Custom LLM model options
Offers phone call/number option


Limited free version duration
Branding only on premium
Limited recording duration
Max 5min calls for basic
Max 20 calls per month
No full text
One user per license
Limited integrations
Limited seats for basic
Transcriptions may not be accurate


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