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User Evaluation is an Artificial Intelligence-powered platform focused on delivering deep insights and analysis to enhance product design and customer understanding.

It offers a suite of tools for customer research and insight generation. Using AI, the platform allows for swift insight creation sourced directly from your content.

It caters well to multi-modal data, offering the ability to transcribe and analyze audio and video file formats, as well as text and CSV files, in various languages.

The platform features AI-powered tagging to identify patterns, sentiment analysis to understand customer emotions, and utilizes advanced AI models like GPT-4 for its services.

Notable tools include an AI chat that can analyze data and provide graphs and flowcharts on demand, and a report and presentation generator that uses AI to generate research documents quickly.

Additional features consist of an advanced audio/video player for easy navigation of insights, intuitive Kanban boards for organizing insights, and a Notetaker function for automatic recording, transcription, and analysis of meetings.User Evaluation also emphasizes efficient collaboration, offering options to share projects, export content in various formats, and integrate with over 100 apps for smooth cross-functionality between tools.

It assures data security with state-of-the-art encryption protocols, promising not to use user data for training AI models. This makes it a robust and secure solution for generating deep and actionable insights from customer data.

User Evaluation was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Self-serve product
Generative data visualizations
Accurate transcriptions
Compatibile with 100+ apps
Free to start
User security measures
Kanban boards for organization
Advanced audio/video player
Notetaker function
Easy collaboration
Shared projects
Easy exporting options
GPT-4 usage
Customer research tools
Multi-modal data processing
Pattern recognition
Multi-language support
CSV file analysis
Automated analysis of meetings
Secure encryption protocols
Various export formats
Instant transcription services
Flowcharts on demand
Automated research reports
Generated presentations
Sentiment analysis
Audio and video file analysis
Supports text and CSV files
Organize insights on Kanban board
Tags for transcript analysis
Multiple data source options
Customizable insight templates
Efficient text analysis
Auto meeting recording
User-friendly interface
Swift insight generation
Integration with popular apps
Regular security audits
Emphasis on user trust


No offline functionality
Limited integration with third-party apps
GPT-4 limitations in understanding context
No data visualization customization
Too basic user interface
Over-reliance on Kanban organization
Possible transcription inaccuracies
No sentiment analysis for text-documents
Unable to handle large CSV files
Only supports 57 languages


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