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Platform offering customer insights and analysis.
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User Evaluation is an AI-powered customer understanding platform that helps users uncover valuable customer insights quickly and easily. It provides a self-serve product that offers AI-generated insights, research reports and presentations, generative data visualizations, and accurate transcriptions.

It also offers integrations with over 100 apps to make user’s day-to-day workflow more efficient and familiar. AI chat is the latest feature of User Evaluation, it enables users to ask questions and uncover deeper insights from customer conversations.

User Evaluation is free to get started and offers tutorials and support for users. It is simple to use and provides a secure way to store customer data.

With User Evaluation, users can quickly and easily understand what’s working and what isn’t for their customers and make data-driven decisions to improve customer experience.


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Pros and Cons


Self-serve product
Research reports and presentations
Generative data visualizations
Accurate transcriptions
100+ integrations
Secure data storage
Offers tutorials
Simple to use
Free to start
Data-driven decisions aid
UI, UX, Design, CX focus
Automated presentations
Powerful customer understanding
Spark new ideas
Understand audios and videos
Advanced transcription service
Efficient workflow
Extensive developer tools
Build smart research repository


No API mentioned
Lack of offline functionality
Limited transcriptions accuracy detail
No real-time customer support
No multi-lingual support
No data export options
No explicit data security measures
No mobile application
No customization options
Limited integrations detail


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What kind of support does User Evaluation offer?
How secure is my customer data with User Evaluation?
Can User Evaluation help me make data-driven decisions?
What is the new AI Chat feature in User Evaluation?
How does User Evaluation use AI for customer research?
What kind of charts can I generate with User Evaluation?
Does User Evaluation automatically make presentations?
Can I connect my existing tools with User Evaluation?
What is the process to create a new project on User Evaluation?
How can User Evaluation help me understand my customers better?
How accurate are the transcriptions provided by User Evaluation?
Can I use User Evaluation for free?
What resources does User Evaluation provide for user learning?

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