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Uncovers contextual user insights with UX platform.
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UserTesting AI is an AI-powered UX platform that processes multiple data streams, including video, audio, text, and behavioral data, to uncover contextual insights that would otherwise be missed.

The platform values user privacy and uses cookies to enhance the browsing experience, serve personalized ads or content, and analyze traffic.The UserTesting AI tool offers necessary functionality such as secure log-in and the ability to adjust consent preferences.

It also provides functional features like sharing website content on social media platforms and collecting feedback through third-party features.Additionally, the tool utilizes analytical cookies to understand how visitors interact with the website, providing information on metrics like the number of visitors, bounce rate, and traffic source.

It also uses performance cookies to analyze key performance indexes and deliver a better user experience.Furthermore, UserTesting AI employs advertisement cookies to provide visitors with customized advertisements based on previously visited pages and analyze the effectiveness of ad campaigns.

Other uncategorized cookies are also being analyzed and classified.In terms of navigation, the tool allows users to access insights, get paid to test, contact sales, and select language options.

The main navigation provides information about the product and services offered, including AI capabilities, integrations, and mobile testing. It also showcases the different platforms, such as Userzoom and EnjoyHQ, and the services available, such as strategy and consulting, full-service research, and accessibility testing.UserTesting AI has been trusted by over 3,400 top brands and has received recognition, including the TrustRadius Best of 2023 Award.

The tool caters to various industries, including automotive, consumer technology, eCommerce, financial services, gaming and gambling, healthcare, media and entertainment, and travel and hospitality.


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