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Website chatbot for support and lead generation.
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Custom ChatGPT For Your Website is a tool designed to augment websites with an added layer of intelligence. By incorporating an AI chatbot powered by GPT (Generative Pretraining Transformer), you can transform the way you interact with your website visitors and customers.

The main functionalities of this tool include providing customer support, collecting leads, and scheduling appointments. It has the capacity to integrate with major Property Management Systems (PMSs), making it a suitable choice especially for rental property websites, although it can be used effectively for any website.

Importantly, it comes with learning capabilities. This means that, wherever it's deployed, the system can absorb the website content or any other provided internal document, and within minutes, it's capable of answering questions related to your products and services.

Additionally, the system offers the benefit of scheduling features, which can be used to arrange any type of meetings, be it virtual or in-person. Each plan supports multiple websites which affords you flexibility based on how many websites you want to cover.

It's also worth noting that you need not have a separate GPT account as all functionalities are integrated and included in your plan.


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