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Analyzed user research for product design.
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UXSquid is a user research platform and tool that helps businesses to optimize their product design by understanding user needs and behavior. The platform offers a comprehensive range of user interview questions and a user-friendly interface to make UX research efficient and effective.

UXSquid uses an automated process to conduct user interviews and collect feedback from target audiences. The data collected is analyzed using cutting-edge artificial intelligence, which provides users with important suggestions and enhancements to improve their products.

The platform includes features such as a library of user research interview questions, an easy-to-follow UX research plan and cheat sheet, and a comprehensive user research report with data, outcome, and recommendations.

UXSquid offers a range of pricing plans to suit different business needs, with a free plan available for businesses that want to try out the service. With UXSquid, businesses can gain insights into their users' experiences and interactions with their products, helping them to prioritize their product and marketing efforts.

The platform is all-inclusive, providing users with a powerful combination of user interviewing and transcription tools, AI technology, and expert analysis.

UXSquid also offers custom pricing plans and white label solutions for businesses with unique needs. In summary, UXSquid is a comprehensive UX research tool that helps businesses to streamline their UX research process, gain deeper insights into their users' experiences, and make data-driven decisions to improve their products.


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Pros and Cons


Automated user interviews
Comprehensive user research report
User-friendly interface
Library of interview questions
UX research plan template
Multiple pricing plans
Free plan available
Customizable pricing plans
White label solutions
UX transcription tools
Efficient UX research process
UX research cheat sheet
Guides through research process
No credit card for trial
Improvement suggestions and enhancements
Quick interview setup
Automated user feedback gathering
Performance, metrics, recommendations analysis
In-depth user experience analysis
Ranged user interview capacity
Unlimited research projects (Pro+)
Full research analysis (Pro+)
Deeper user understanding
UX product prioritization assistance
User research Excel, Word, PDF templates
Free UX research resources
Easy sign-up process


Limited free plan
No multi-language support
Lacks real-time team collaboration
No API integration
Not open-source
Limited interviewees in paid plans
No integration with CRM tools
No mobile app
Doesn't support video interviews
No offline mode


What is UXSquid and how does it work?
What are the key features of UXSquid?
How does UXSquid use AI technology in its process?
How do I use the user research interview questions library in UXSquid?
What kind of user insights can I get from UXSquid's AI analysis?
How does UXSquid streamline the user experience (UX) research process?
How easy is it to set up a project on UXSquid?
What is included in the comprehensive user research report by UXSquid?
What is the free plan of UXSquid and what does it include?
What are the different pricing plans offered by UXSquid?
Can UXSquid be tailored to unique business needs?
Does UXSquid offer a white label solution and how does it work?
How can I get started with UXSquid?
What are the automation tools UXSquid offers for setting up user interviews?
How does UXSquid analyze user experiences and interactions?
How can UXSquid help me improve my product's UX?
Does UXSquid offer any UX research examples, plans or templates?
How does UXSquid assist in prioritizing my product and marketing efforts?
What are the transcription tools UXSquid offers in its platform?
Does UXSquid have a trial period before committing to a pricing plan?

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