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Automating dev tasks & suggesting code changes.
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Vairflow is an AI-driven workflow manager specifically designed for developers. Its main objective is to help teams streamline their development process, resulting in faster and more efficient builds while reducing costs.

One of Vairflow's key features is its ability to connect to various resources such as Github, Databases, and REST APIs. By analyzing these resources, Vairflow's AI can infer if any of them will be affected by code changes and suggest appropriate code for the codebase.

Additionally, it can generate test resources for different environments, automating aspects of the testing process.The tool allows developers to create tasks using simple descriptions, and then Vairflow's AI takes over to automate as many aspects of the task as possible before delegating it back to the developer.

The AI assists in inferring affected resources and test cases, and developers have the flexibility to customize and refine the AI-generated test cases as needed.

Vairflow also facilitates collaboration by allowing team members or external collaborators to be assigned to tasks via email or links. Reviewers can check and modify the code suggested by the AI in a test environment, and once changes are accepted, a pull request is created in the team's Github repository.With Vairflow, developers can add tasks with their dependencies, enabling efficient orchestration and minimizing idle times.

The tool provides a bird's-eye view of task progress and promotes smarter working by automating code generation and focusing on the bigger picture while it handles the heavy lifting.

Moreover, Vairflow ensures safe collaboration by allowing users to share resources with others without exposing sensitive production data. It also protects the codebase by hiding sensitive files and lines from collaborators.


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Vairflow was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates dev tasks
Suggests code changes
Adapts to workflow
Streamline development process
Connects to Github
Connects to Databases
Connects to REST APIs
Infer affected resources
Suggest appropriate code
Generates test resources
Task assigning via email/links
Code review system
Pull request creation
Includes task dependencies
Orchestrates tasks efficiently
Bird's-eye view of tasks
Automates code generation
Safe resource sharing
Sensitive data protection
Hides sensitive files
Customizable code suggestions
Facilitates unit and integration tests
Single-click test data generation


Limited integration options
Strict collaboration via email/links only
Hiding sensitive code limitations
Dependent on external resources
Workflow efficiency unverified
No onboard code reviewing
Dependency on task descriptions
Inability to handle complex tasks


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Can I assign tasks within Vairflow to team members or external collaborators?
How does Vairflow handle task dependencies?
How does Vairflow protect sensitive production data?
What does Vairflow mean by 'code generation'?
Does Vairflow provide any overview of task progress?
Can Vairflow create a pull request in my Github repository?
How does Vairflow facilitate collaboration on a project?
How does Vairflow help me to work smarter?
Can I modify the code suggested by Vairflow?
How can I share a project on Vairflow with others?
How can I get early access to Vairflow?
What kind of efficiency improvements can I expect with Vairflow?
Can I see which resources will be affected by my code changes on Vairflow?
Does Vairflow offer a way to hide sensitive files from collaborators?

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