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Hardware and system design requirements assistance.
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The ValiAssistant is an AI-powered tool that is designed to assist engineers in generating requirements, improving them, and breaking them down. The tool is integrated within Valispace, a platform for the design and collaboration of product development projects.

ValiAssistant uses natural language processing and AI algorithms to convert rough descriptions of a component's capabilities into a higher level of specification, which can then be verified through formal requirements.

Additionally, ValiAssistant helps in brainstorming which aspects need to be considered and automatically performs a review and improvement of the requirements.

The tool also provides engineers with the ability to parametrize their requirement text, ensuring full traceability of changes in the requirement text, thereby preventing any versioning issues.

Furthermore, the tool enables engineers to break down single requirements into multiple detailed ones, set out their designs, and derive relevant performance parameters from high-level requirements.

These functions enable engineers to develop great products faster. ValiAssistant is used by thousands of engineers worldwide and is suited to engineers from a variety of disciplines who work on product development projects.


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Valispace was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates requirements from descriptions
Integrated within design platform
Automatically reviews requirements
Improves requirements systematically
Parametrizes requirement text
Ensures full traceability
Prevents versioning issues
Breaks down single requirements
Supports design and planning
Derives performance parameters
Accelerates product development
Supports various engineering disciplines
Automates requirement improvement
Converts customer requirements to implementable ones
Automatically updates proposed values
Embeds engineering data in requirements
Automatically identifies quantities and units
Links designs and verification
Converts system requirements to design details
Facilitates specification drafting
Covers all engineering disciplines
Used by thousands worldwide


Limited to Valispace platform
No offline functionality
Dependent on quality of input
Hard to integrate with other tools
Weak parameterization capabilities
Lack of multilingual support
Unsuitable for non-engineering disciplines
Limited customization options


What is ValiAssistant?
What are the key features of ValiAssistant?
How does ValiAssistant assist in generating requirements?
What is the role of AI in ValiAssistant's function?
Who are the typical users of ValiAssistant?
How does ValiAssistant improve requirements?
How does ValiAssistant parametrize requirements text?
What is meant by 'breaking down' of requirements in the context of ValiAssistant?
How does ValiAssistant help in the design and collaboration of product development projects?
What kind of product development projects can benefit from ValiAssistant?
Does ValiAssistant provide any version control for requirement texts?
How does ValiAssistant use natural language processing?
What benefits can I get from using ValiAssistant?
How does ValiAssistant perform review and improvements of requirements?
Can ValiAssistant be used for brainstorming aspects of system requirements?
What AI algorithms does ValiAssistant use?
In what ways can ValiAssistant expedite the product development process?
What is the integration process of ValiAssistant within Valispace like?
How does ValiAssistant enable traceability in requirement changes?
Can I use ValiAssistant to set out my designs and derive performance parameters from high-level requirements?

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