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Assisted business intelligence analysis.
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Vanna is an AI-powered business intelligence assistant that connects to your Snowflake, BigQuery, or other database and helps you get insights from your data.

Vanna uses natural language processing technology, allowing you to ask questions in plain English, without having to write SQL or Python queries. With every question you ask, Vanna improves its performance and evolves to become smarter.

When you connect Vanna to your database, it learns the structure of your data and uses past queries as examples to generate new queries that answer your specific questions.

Vanna can handle complex queries and is capable of providing insightful answers that can be highly accurate. Vanna is designed for businesses that are looking to improve their analytics capabilities without having to hire additional talent.

The tool can help you expand your analytics capabilities and multiply your analysts by utilizing AI-powered features. Vanna offers a free forever plan, a premium beta plan for teams, and an enterprise plan for large-scale usage.

While pricing for the premium and enterprise plans is yet to be decided, Vanna aims to maintain a free tier for low usage. Security is a top priority, and Vanna ensures that all connections are encrypted and that databases, queries, and models are isolated to the organization.

Vanna supports Snowflake and can work with other databases with support coming soon. If you have any questions, you can check out the frequently asked questions section or reach out to the Vanna team through their Slack or LinkedIn accounts.


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Pros and Cons


Natural language processing
No SQL or Python required
Connects to multiple databases
Continuous performance improvement
Handles complex queries
Learnable data structure
Generates new queries
Designed for business analytics
Provides highly accurate insights
Suitable for various scales
Free forever plan available
Enterprise plan for large-scale
Prioritizes security
Encrypted connections
Isolated models and queries
Snowflake support
Additional database support coming
Slack and LinkedIn customer support
Trains a model for your database
Amplifies your analytics capabilities
Supports plain English queries
Beta period free for teams
Single sign-on feature
Isolated environments
VPC feature coming soon
Data security assured
Supports encrypted connections
Anticipates maintaining a free service tier
Affirms high query accuracy
Accuracy depends on training set


Limited database support
Enterprise Plan details unclear
Pricing for premium unknown
Depends on past queries
Accuracy reliant on training
Support mechanism limited
Quality depends on SQL knowledge


What is Vanna?
How does Vanna work?
Why should I use Vanna for business intelligence analysis?
What databases can Vanna connect to?
How does Vanna handle query generation?
What is the accuracy of Vanna's responses?
How does Vanna use natural language processing technology?
What type of businesses would benefit from using Vanna?
What pricing plans does Vanna offer?
How secure is Vanna?
What learning process does Vanna undergo upon connecting to my database?
How does Vanna improve over time?
How does Vanna help in expanding analytics capabilities?
What is Vanna's approach to handle complex queries?
Can Vanna work with BigQuery?
Are there any limitations in the Vanna's free tier?
How can I get in touch with the Vanna team?
Is Python or SQL required to use Vanna?
What are the unique features of Vanna compared to other analytics tools?
What steps do I need to follow to get started with Vanna?

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