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Content analysis & summarization with security.
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Vault GPT is an AI-powered tool designed to assist users in various content-related workflows such as development, marketing, and sales. It utilizes the extensive content database and insights engine of Vault to provide on-demand coverage-like summaries and briefs combined with insights.

The tool aims to provide executives with cutting-edge capabilities.With Vault GPT, users can quickly gain a deep understanding of a script, book, or treatment without the need for time-consuming manual analysis.

By uploading the content, the tool generates automated summaries that offer insights into characters, key themes, plot, and even potential taglines. This allows users to save time and focus on their core competencies.One of the notable features of Vault GPT is its ability to provide comprehensive insights into target audiences.

By leveraging Vault's vast array of title data, users can understand what resonates with their target audiences and better tailor their marketing strategies accordingly.Additionally, Vault GPT enables users to generate comps instantly by identifying connections between their title and other titles in the expansive database.

It even provides insights into future competition based on publicly available data.Vault GPT comes with a chat functionality that serves as a personal content assistant, readily available to help users dive deeper into their content analysis.

Users can ask questions anytime and receive assistance from the tool.Security is also a key focus of Vault GPT, with military-grade measures in place to protect user content and ensure confidentiality.

Data and intellectual property remain secure with Vault AI, distinguishing it from other generative AI tools that may utilize uploaded content for other purposes.To experience the breakthrough capabilities of Vault GPT, users can join the waitlist.

Vault AI is known for delivering AI-powered consumer insights for leading streamers, TV networks, and film studios, leveraging performance datasets, machine learning, and consumer insights expertise.


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VaultGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Summarizes various content types
Deep content understanding
Automated summary generation
Generates character insights
Provides key themes
Outlines plot overview
Potential tagline generation
Comprehensive target audience insights
Tailors marketing strategies
Generates comps instantly
Provides future competition insights
Chat functionality for assistance
Military-grade security measures
Confidential user content
Secure data and IP
Waitlist for access
Quick content analysis
Enhances productivity
Data-driven marketing adjustment
Connection identification with titles
Data from large film/TV database
Comprehensible insights from complex data
Training on extensive content database


Waitlist required
Limited spots
No offline usage
No multi-language support
Chat functionality limited
Requires content uploading
Lack of API
Platform compatibility not described
Limited to content-focused jobs
Possibly slow processing time


What is Vault GPT?
What kind of workflows is Vault GPT designed to assist with?
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How does the content upload feature in Vault GPT work?
What insights can Vault GPT provide about a book, script or treatment?
Can Vault GPT identify key themes and plot points in a text?
How does Vault GPT aid in understanding target audiences?
Can Vault GPT generate comps?
What is the chat functionality in Vault GPT?
How secure is Vault GPT?
Does Vault GPT use uploaded content for any other purposes?
How can I join the waitlist for Vault GPT?
What kind of databases does Vault GPT draw from during its content analysis?
In what ways can Vault GPT boost my productivity?
What kind of insights can Vault GPT provide into future competition?
What other titles does Vault GPT connect to in its analysis?
How user-friendly is Vault GPT?
How do I get started with Vault GPT?
What makes Vault GPT different from other generative AI tools?
What is the turnaround time to receive analyses from Vault GPT?

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