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Make everyone on your team a data engineer.
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Velvet is a unified data platform designed for product and engineering teams at high-growth startups. It aids in transforming every member of your team into a data engineer by enabling users to query disparate data sources, ship real-time features, and fine-tune their team's data workflow.

Users can write complex SQL, parse vast amounts of data using AI, and collaborate by turning queries into tables, graphs, and alerts that are accessible for the entire team.

The platform offers features such as real-time data features harnessing query API endpoints, and the convenience of storing unlimited data. Velvet captures real-time data from your database, 3rd-party tools, and events and provides an analytics database per workspace and a table per source.

Users can also utilise an AI sidekick to execute complex queries across all their data, and save them as API endpoints. The platform also allows users to ship features using real-time data to fast-track product development workflows.

With Velvet, users can ingest any data source, access queries as API endpoints for dynamic features, and build AI-assisted visualizations to track data movement over time.


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Pros and Cons


Transforms team into data engineers
Enables data query from disparate sources
Offers real-time feature shipping
Allows complex SQL writing
Facilitates large data parsing
Turns queries into visual data
Data stored as query API endpoints
Supports real-time data for product development
Permits ingestion of any data source
Allows access to queries as API endpoints
Tracks data movement over time
Supports collaboration of data engineering
Designed specifically for high-growth startups
Unlimited data storage
Real-time data from database, events, 3rd-party tools
Provides an analytics database per workspace
A table per data source
Real-time data for accelerated product development
API endpoints available
Unified data from all events
Identifies important trends in data
Offers dynamic personalization of features
Unified data platform
Data workflow optimization
Visualize queries over time
Supports cross-source data queries
Supports database tables connection
Supports third-party data sources
Supports any event-based source
Enables surface data directly in product
Dynamic pricing system
Allows creation of customer dashboards
Backend as a service API
Facilitates data analysis


Limited to high-growth startups
No explicit support for non-SQL languages
Real-time data might affect performance
Possible user overwhelm with unlimited data
Could favor tech-savvy users
No offline mode mentioned
Lack of data backup mechanisms
No explicit data security measures


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