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Multilingual video/audio translation and lip-sync.
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Verbalate™ Video & Audio Translation, Voice Clone & Lip Sync Software is a tool designed to help users reach a global audience, generate new revenue, and scale their video and audio content production.

This software provides universal audio/video translation and lip-sync capabilities. It supports multiple languages, allowing users to create multi-language audio tracks and videos.Verbalate™ offers three pricing tiers: Starter, Creator, and Producer.

Each tier has a specific allocation of minutes for translation, with additional minutes available for purchase at different rates. Pricing varies depending on whether the user chooses a monthly or yearly plan.

Unused minutes will expire at the end of the billing cycle, but they will carry over for users on the annual plan until the contract concludes.For the best results, users are advised to follow specific guidelines, such as using a microphone for clear audio, keeping their face in full view of the camera, and limiting head movements.

Verbalate™ also provides a free YouTube channel growth guide.The tool emphasizes ethical AI practices, committing to uphold intellectual property rights and preventing any detrimental exploitation.

Users are encouraged to report any instances of misuse to the Verbalate™ team.Overall, Verbalate™ Video & Audio Translation, Voice Clone & Lip Sync Software is a valuable tool for content creators looking to expand their audience and monetize their video and audio content globally.


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Sep 26, 2023
This AI looks promising. The ability to have a video dubbed into other languages and the lip-sync to match it could be extremely helpful in several fields. However, the pricing structure is outrageously expensive at this point. I give the AI itself 5 stars, but reduce it to 3 based on the pricing structure.
Mar 18, 2024
Thank you for the feedback. Our pricing is competitive with the market.

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