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Verbaly is an AI-powered speech coaching application designed to help individuals improve their communication skills. The tool offers various features such as recording analysis, mock interviews, small talk practice, and pitch coaching.

By analyzing recorded speeches, Verbaly provides personalized feedback and insights to help users identify areas for improvement and enhance their communication effectiveness.In the free version of Verbaly, users have access to recording analysis, basic feedback, and practice exercises for small talk.

This allows them to evaluate their communication skills and receive general guidance. However, the Pro version offers advanced metrics and insights, providing detailed analytics about speech patterns, delivery, and overall performance.

It also includes access to Vee, an AI-powered speech coach that can answer questions and provide expert guidance.Privacy and data security are taken seriously by Verbaly.

The tool does not watch, sell, or use user data in any way other than to improve communication skills. Recordings and personal data are securely stored and treated with utmost confidentiality.

Verbaly implements robust security measures, including industry-standard encryption protocols, to ensure the privacy and security of user data.Users can upload pre-recorded audio files for analysis or record directly within the application.

Verbaly allows users to choose their preferred method for practice and feedback.Overall, Verbaly is a valuable tool for individuals looking to enhance their speech skills and become more effective communicators.


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Verbaly was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Recording analysis
Mock interviews feature
Small talk practice exercises
Pitch coaching
Personalized feedback
Insights for improvement
Free version available
Detailed speech pattern analytics (Pro Version)
In-depth delivery metrics (Pro Version)
Performance insights (Pro Version)
Highly secure data handling
Robust encryption protocols
Direct recording or upload option
Private and secure conversation analysis
Private data storage
Real-time feedback
Improvement tracking
Compared with professionals' performance


Features limited in free version
Requires continuous Internet connection
No multi-language support
Dependent on speech clarity
Background noise affects performance
Paid version needed for advanced insights
No desktop app
No real-time feedback on free version
Doesn't analyze silent pauses
Lacks team usage functionalities


What is Verbaly?
How does Verbaly help improve communication skills?
What are the features of Verbaly?
Who can benefit from using Verbaly?
What type of feedback does Verbaly provide?
Can Verbaly analyze pre-recorded speeches?
How does Verbaly's mock interview feature work?
Can I practice small talk with Verbaly?
What is the 'Vee' feature in the Pro version of Verbaly?
Does Verbaly share user data?
How does Verbaly ensure data security?
What type of data does Verbaly require from users?
Can Verbaly be used to improve pitch delivery?
Does Verbaly provide real-time feedback during recording?
What are the additional features of Verbaly's Pro version?
What type of insights and analytics does the Pro version of Verbaly offer?
How does Verbaly compare user performance with professional speakers?
Is it possible to track improvement over time with Verbaly?
How does Verbaly handle user privacy?
Can Verbaly provide live feedback during meetings?

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