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Insight generation and meeting optimization.
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Versational™ is an AI-Driven Conversation Enablement Platform that enables users to capture the most important insights from conversations, compress 1-hour meetings into 6 minutes of insights, and auto-export tasks to CRM.

The platform utilizes the latest in behavioral science metrics to make coaching easier and faster. It also provides AI-powered custom topic trackers that assist in discovering valuable insights, such as identified needs, objections, and buyer perceived value.

It can also detect action items and issues automatically with up to 84% accuracy and can assign, schedule and confirm action items with just one click.

Additionally, it provides AI-Topics™ that lets users track custom topics with greater accuracy than keywords and unsupervised topics that can find emerging themes.

Versational™ is a powerful tool for sales teams, virtual education, product marketing, training and onboarding, recruiting, and project and program management.


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Pros and Cons


Compresses 1-hour meetings into 6 minutes
Auto-export tasks to CRM
Behavioral science metrics for coaching
Automatically detects action items with 84% accuracy
Assigns, schedules, and confirms action items with a click
Tracks unsupervised topics
Useful for sales, virtual education, product marketing and more
Transcribes at 93% accuracy
Identifies up to 20 speakers with 85% accuracy
Automated key phrase extraction
Capable of recording from any browser
Actionable takeaways without taking notes
Creates emails with next steps
Automatically syncs with CRM
Automates data entry
Detects relationship risks and growth opportunities
Tracks trending sentiment, Q&As, needs, and intent
Behavioural science metrics for conversation improvement
Pin audio or video snippets to custom playlists
Preserves speaker context for decision tracking
Auto-assign speakers to CRM Contacts
Tracks interaction rates for participant health
Track postitive, negative, or neutral sentiment
Tracks insights in answering questions
Allows for global search across recordings
Allows for discovered patterns and trends in voice of customer
Filter or search by words, phrase, tag, topics, speaker and more
Access and filter your recordings by tag, team, speaker and more
Uploads any audio or video recording format
Auto-fill account, contact, note and event records with action items
Classifies custom topics 2-3 times more accurately than keywords
Identifies interactions that boost buyer purchase intent by 35%
Run unsupervised learning on your conversations
Analysizes responses for sentiment, feelings, and authenticity
Identifies communication style of contacts


No mentioned integrations with Linux
84% accuracy is not guaranteed
No specific language support listed
Less than 100% transcription accuracy
Unsure keyword/topic track performance
Limited to 20 identified speakers
No offline functionality mentioned
Auto-export only available to CRM
Complex interface may be overwhelming
Unclear behavioural metric analytics


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