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Image creation for interior design.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI tool powered by Generative AI that can transform text prompts into interactive virtual experiences. With Versy's Text-to-Space solution, businesses can create unique virtual experiences that go beyond traditional 3D environments. The tool can build escape rooms, leaderboards, product configuration experiences, and other types of virtual experiences. also offers a data-driven UX that can be customized according to the user's business needs to create branded virtual experiences.'s Text-to-Space is a cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for manual creation of virtual spaces. With its connected data feature, the tool can quickly build dynamic virtual experiences by connecting to CRM, AI, IoT and other data sources. also offers an easy-to-use prototyping feature that allows users to iterate different versions of their ideas and test them with ease. It is scalable and can maintain and interconnect multiple virtual experiences simultaneously.

The tool is designed to create interactive experiences of any kind, from product configuration and events to escape rooms, leaderboards, treasure hunts and more. is suitable for businesses that want to create engaging virtual experiences that are unique to their brand. Overall, is a text-based solution that provides an efficient and convenient way to create immersive virtual experiences.
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Pros and Cons


Creates interactive virtual experiences
Text-to-Space solution
Customizable data-driven UX
Connected data feature
Easy-to-use prototyping feature
Scalable interface
Creates unique brand experiences
Cost-effective solution
Dynamic experience building
Suitable for any business
Automates virtual experiences
Supports a variety of experiences
Maintains multiple virtual experiences


Limited design customization options
No real-time collaboration feature
Relies heavily on text prompts
No obvious mobile support
Interface not user-friendly
Doesn't support all data types
Limited virtual experience types
No multilingual support
Lack of offline functionality
Unclear data security measures


What is
What is the main use of
What is the Text-to-Space feature in
How does create virtual experiences?
Can create unique branded experiences?
How cost-effective is compared to manual creation of virtual spaces?
What is the prototyping feature of used for?
Can connect to other data sources like CRM, AI, IoT?
How scalable is
Is only for creating 3D experiences?
Can create escape rooms and leaderboards?
What type of businesses can benefit from
How can be customized to my business needs?
What's the benefit of the data-driven UX of
What does it mean that uses Generative AI?
How does transform text into interactive spaces?
Can manage multiple virtual experiences at the same time?
Can be used for product configuration and events?
How does the Text-to-Space solution work?
How does impact the costs associated with creation of virtual spaces?


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