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Vibrato is an advanced AI personal assistant that is designed to make phone calls on behalf of users. This tool is engineered to interact seamlessly with individuals and businesses, performing a variety of tasks.

These tasks range from daily activities such as negotiating bills, organizing travel plans, to handling complex business calls, and are all pre-vetted for users' convenience.

Users have the flexibility to design and schedule calls according to their needs, enhancing the user experience with customization. Vibrato provides call summaries post every interaction, documenting what was discussed and outlining any subsequent steps needed.

It also offers live audio and transcript follow-ups, giving users the ability to manage the proceedings actively. The tool has integrated a custom GPT which facilitates even complex types of calls.

Vibrato prides itself on drawing from cutting-edge AI models, providing human-like voice responses in real time, and rapid navigation through automated phone systems, thus reaching human agents faster.

Its technology simulates the precision of human intelligence, which enables complex phone tasks to be conducted effectively. The ultimate goal of Vibrato is to enhance user's efficiency by managing everyday challenges, thereby saving time and resources.

Vibrato was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 1st 2023.
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Dec 28, 2023
It allowed me to specify the name and number to call from but the call was received from unknown caller and a number I don't recognize. The female voice also has a pretty whacky personality..
Dec 4, 2023
Room for improvement but it does what it says will do pretty cool tool

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