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Generates premium online videos with varied editing.
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Generated by ChatGPT is an online video editing tool that allows users to create professional-quality videos quickly and easily. With a variety of templates and editing options, the tool is designed to enable users to create videos for a range of purposes including social media, email marketing, employer branding, and product promotions.

Users can choose from a wide range of tools like adding audio, subtitles, text, images, transitions, and watermarks to their videos, as well as change video speeds, filter videos, merge videos, and use a free video converter.

In addition, the tool also includes an AI video generator that uses artificial intelligence to create custom videos based on the user's needs. has multiple tools that can be used to create different types of videos, such as Shopify product videos, Facebook Ads videos, Instagram stories, real estate videos, banner videos, and informative videos.

The website also has a section for resources that includes tutorials, a video marketing blog, and pricing. Users can access the tool online and create their videos quickly and easily in just a few minutes with their free account or paid subscription.


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Pros and Cons


Variety of video editing options
Audio adding option
Add images to video
Text adding to video
Subtitles addition option
Transition effects option
Watermarking option
Video speed alteration
Video filters availability
Video merging tool
Free video converter
Online video cutter
Types of video creation tools
Library of templates
Quick video creation
Affordable pricing
Rating system for user satisfaction
Wide variety of templates
Customizable video editing
Suitable for social media content
Platform for professional video makers
GIF creation option
Supportive customer service
Bulk video creation
Provision to add background music
Option to combine multiple videos
Video resizing tool
Video clipping tool
Integrated free stock photos
Exported in commonly used format (.mp4)
Custom color and font options
Changeable scene animation speed
Easy to understand tutorial resources
Suitable for advertising needs
Video editing for business promos
Video creation for product promotion
Ideal for employer branding videos
Perfect for informative videos
Allows creating animated text overlays


Requires internet connection
Only online access
No offline editing
Requires sign up
Costly for numerous videos
Dependent on templates
Limited free trial
Lacks advanced editing tools
Paid subscription needed for full access


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Is good for creating Instagram stories?
How do I use for my email marketing videos?
Does provide templates for video editing?
Can I access resources for free?
What types of subscriptions does offer?
Can I edit my TikTok videos using
How to merge videos in
Can I watermark my video using
What is the purpose of the AI video generator?
Does provide an online video cutter?
Is it possible to edit real estate videos on
How can I use for employer branding videos?

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