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Transcribes videos into text.
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The Video2Text tool available on GitHub is an open-source converter capable of transcribing videos into text using cutting-edge AI technology provided by OpenAI Whisper.

The tool is easy to use and requires the user to complete a form which includes the video's YouTube URL and language. Once the form is submitted, the tool automatically transcribes the video and displays the resulting text below the form.

To use the tool, the user needs to download a file containing the converter and execute it on their computer. The tool's code is open-source and available for verification on GitHub.

The tool is designed for a broad range of users, such as researchers, educators, journalists, and content creators. The video2text converter requires the installation of ffmpeg software.

The tool is offered for free, but the developer requests a $5 donation to support their work. Contact information is provided should users have any questions or concerns.

Overall, the Video2Text tool is a reliable and safe option for anyone in need of converting videos into text.


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Sep 3, 2023
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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple languages
Github verification available
Broad user range
Requires ffmpeg
Free with donation option
Contact support available
Easy to use
Automatic transcription
YouTube video compatibility
File download availability
Fast execution
Accurate conversion
Beneficial for content creators
Useful for educators
Suitable for researchers
Advantageous for journalists
Inline display of result
Supports popular languages


Requires separate ffmpeg installation
Works only with YouTube videos
Requires file download and execution
Limited language options
Doesn't guarantee privacy/security
No real-time transcription
Complex setup for non-technical users
No API for integration
No batch processing
No subtitles or captions support


What is Video2Text?
How does Video2Text work?
What do I need to use Video2Text?
Is Video2Text free to use?
Why does Video2Text require ffmpeg software?
Is my information secure while using Video2Text?
What kind of videos can Video2Text convert?
Are there any language limitations with Video2Text?
How accurate is the transcription provided by Video2Text?
How do I submit my video to Video2Text?
What kind of users would benefit from using Video2Text?
Why is there a need to donate to use Video2Text?
How can I verify the safety of Video2Text's code?
Why is Video2Text's code open-source?
How do I contact the developer of Video2Text?
What technology does Video2Text use for transcription?
Can I use Video2Text offline?
How long does it take for Video2Text to transcribe a video?
Do I need to know coding to use Video2Text?
Can I use Video2Text for commercial purposes?

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