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Video creation for content creators and businesses.
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VideoGen is an AI-powered video generation tool that enables users to create high-quality videos in seconds. Unlike a traditional video editor, VideoGen operates as a video generator.

It seamlessly integrates AI capabilities to automate the video content creation process, making it easy for creators, marketers, and educators to generate videos efficiently.One notable feature of VideoGen is its ability to automatically search and compile relevant clips as B-roll footage for the background of the video.

With over 3 million copyright-free assets available, users can enhance their videos with professional-grade visuals. This feature ensures that users have a wide variety of footage options to choose from without needing to manually edit or source video material.Another standout aspect of VideoGen is its lifelike voice synthesis.

The tool employs an advanced text-to-speech engine that generates natural-sounding voices for the videos. With over 150 unique voices available in more than 40 languages and accents, users have ample options to customize the audio component of their videos.By eliminating the need for time-consuming video editing, VideoGen allows users to focus on creating content quickly and efficiently.

With just a click, users can generate a video using the tool, streamlining the video creation process.VideoGen offers a free signup option, and its website provides resources, including a privacy policy, terms of service, and contact information.

The tool is designed to cater to a wide range of users, from individual content creators to businesses, providing an efficient solution for video content generation.


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Apr 3, 2024
I completely agree with the previous comment. I first purchased the $5 package and then upgraded to the Pro package, hoping to create videos longer than 3.5 minutes. However, I was disappointed to find out that I needed to purchase the $99 package to create longer videos. It was not clear that the 5000 characters of script only equated to 3.5 minutes of video. To make things worse, the company has a strict no-refund policy, which feels unfair. They seem more focused on taking your money than providing quality service. I would highly recommend avoiding this service at all costs.
Mar 31, 2024
Very bad. During the test period, it may seem that everything is fine, but when you subscribe, the service generates the same type of videos, changes in the music volume level - writing off internal points, as when generating videos. Any change is a write-off of points. After subscribing, it turned out that the maximum video length is 4 minutes, unfortunately, even if you choose this video length, this does not mean at all that it will be like that, all my videos were generated shorter (3.15 - 3.30). Also, when requesting a refund for my subscription, I was refused. But when subscribing, this information was not provided. I do not recommend this service

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Pros and Cons


Generates videos in seconds
Automatic background footage selection
3M+ copyright-free assets
Safe for commercial use
Lifelike voice synthesis
150+ unique audio voices
40+ languages & accents
Eliminates time-consuming editing
Click-to-generate videos
Free signup option
Streamlined video creation
Automated content creation
Pro-grade visuals enhancement
Text-to-speech engine
Customizable audio component
Individuals and businesses-targeted
Resourceful website
Privacy policy provision
Extensive terms of service
Accessible contact information
User-friendly interface
Variety in B-roll footage


No video editing capabilities
Limited voice customization
Automated footage may not align
Possible overuse of stock footage
Potential repetitive voice-synthesis
Dependent on internet connection
Limited documentation and resources
No offline mode
Cannot adjust compilation speed
No direct social media posting

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