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Automated guidance for online video editing.
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The AI Video Editor is an online video editing tool that uses AI technology to transform videos effortlessly with automated guidance. The tool offers a chat-based interface that aids in maximizing productivity, reducing editing time, and achieving stunning results.

It supports various file formats like GIF, AVI, MP4, MOV, MPG, WEBM, and MPEG, with a file size limit of 150MB. The resulting AI-edited videos are compatible with popular video editing software such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and iMovie, making it multi-purpose and useful for hobbyists, creators, digital marketers, and editors.

The AI Video Editor is affiliated with world-class startup programs, including NVIDIA Inception, Microsoft, and AWS. It comes with Reel-GPT, a personal video editor powered by AI that helps users create professional-looking videos effortlessly.

The product offers two pricing plans, Basic and Premium, designed to meet the requirements of both beginners and players, with custom solutions accessible on request.

As a member of the NVIDIA Inception Program, the AI Video Editor leverages NVIDIA's cutting-edge technologies to transform industries and solve complex challenges.

The product also provides users with customer support, with a privacy policy and terms of use, as well as a blog and FAQ section available on the website.

Overall, the AI Video Editor is your creative partner, accessible online, to elevate your video content quickly and efficiently with the power of AI technology.


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Pros and Cons


Chat-based interface
Automated guidance
Supports various file formats
150MB file size limit
Creates videos compatible with popular software
Affiliated with startup program NVIDIA Inception
Integrated with Reel-GPT
Free basic pricing plan
Affordable premium pricing plan
Increase productivity
Reduces editing time
Compatible with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie
Beneficial for hobbyists, creators, digital marketers, editors
Influence of NVIDIA's technology
Customer support available
Flexible usage
Enhances video quality
Increases engagement
No installation required
Max 50 messages per month in basic plan
Max 500 messages per month in premium plan
Option of custom solutions
1G assets in basic plan
10G assets in premium plan
Faster response time in premium plan
No watermark in premium plan


Limited file size (150MB)
Premium plan required for fast response
No offline features
Limited messages without premium
Chat-based interface may confuse some
No free plan unlimited messaging
Watermarked videos on basic plan
No custom file format support
Specific video software compatibility
Additional cost for custom solutions


What is the AI Video Editor?
How does the AI Video Editor leverage AI technology?
What file formats does the AI Video Editor support?
What is the file size limit for the AI Video Editor?
Are the AI-edited videos compatible with popular video editing software like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and iMovie?
Who can make use of the AI Video Editor?
What is Reel-GPT?
What are the pricing plans for the AI Video Editor?
How does the AI Video Editor maximize productivity?
What startup programs is the AI Video Editor affiliated with?
What kind of customer support does the AI Video Editor provide?
What is the AI Video Editor's privacy policy?
Can I access the AI Video Editor online?
What are the terms of use for the AI Video Editor?
What is the NVIDIA Inception Program and how is the AI Video Editor involved?
How can the AI Video Editor help to enhance my video content?
Can I request for custom solutions with the AI Video Editor?
How does the chat-based interface of the AI Video Editor work?
What additional resources are available on the AI Video Editor's website?
Why should I choose the AI Video Editor over others in the market?

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