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Boosts engagement, prompts questions, offers insights.
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Vidya.us is an AI tool that aims to enhance student engagement in live classrooms, whether they are conducted on Zoom, Teams, or in-person. The tool offers features to create and measure engagement levels.

One of its key features is the AI question generator, which allows instructors to save time by generating thought-provoking and customized questions with just a few clicks.

Users can input the topic name, difficulty level, grade, or other relevant information, and the AI algorithm will create engaging questions accordingly.Additionally, Vidya.us promotes collaboration among instructors through its ability to create and share question libraries within a workplace.

This feature enables standardized content delivery across all channels and simplifies content creation by leveraging the collective knowledge and expertise of the instructors.The tool also offers a measurement and recording feature that works similar to Google Analytics.

Educators can identify patterns and trends of learning, gaining insights into student engagement and identifying students who may require additional attention.Vidya.us is being used by thousands of instructors across 37 countries, with over 9,000 engagements completed, reflecting its global impact and effectiveness.Overall, Vidya.us provides educators with AI-assisted tools to foster learner engagement, streamline content creation, and gain insights into classroom dynamics, ultimately enhancing the overall educational experience.


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